Monday, December 13, 2010

Stress=Massive Consumption of Desserts

Ok, so all this Christmassy goodness has gotten me a little overwhelmed. There are just so many cute crafts, cute gifts, yummy goodies, and overall creative ideas that my head is starting to spin just a little. I really need someone to talk me down from this holiday deficiency ledge. I keep telling myself that it is ok not to be perfect. It is ok if everything isn't handmade. You don't have to do EVERYTHING. Turns out I'm not as convincing as I thought because as I sit here now I feel incompetent, defeated, and unsuccessful...even though I've been on my feet ALL day long cooking this, cleaning that, crafting those. There are always seemingly a million more things to do. Anybody else feel this way sometimes??? I guess I'm just sending this out into cyberspace because pounding out these words relieves a little bit of the stress and I'd like to believe that some of you will read this and know that you are not the only one that feels this way. All those "perfect" people aren't really perfect, they just don't post pictures of dishes in the sink, the dog digging through the trash, and the kids running around, screaming in the background. I really do love blogland, but sadly, it can make you feel insufficient because it makes everyone's life look picturesque. So if you are out there reading this and nodding your head, join me in a mug of hot apple cider (or Mott's apple juice with a sprinkle of cinnamon) to console yourself and turn down the lights so that you don't see the dust on the coffee table or the puppy prints on the wood floor. Relax and try to absorb the Christmas season without feeling like you have to do it all. That's why we have Wal-Mart.


Lisa said...

Easier said than done! As much as I try to tell myself to relax and enjoy the moment, it's so hard when you feel like you have a lot to do. I'm glad Hanukkah is over because that was 50% of my stress and it's done! Now onto Christmas...

Vida _ Call Me Life said...

Oh I can't hold out any longer! I've got to be honest. I found your blog earlier today and found myself reading the WHOLE thing when I got back on blogger to write a post. {Still reading as you can see...} I've been so jealous of all your creativity and ability to conjure up such AMAZING things. But this post is a reminder that everyone has these feelings at times. I do so often lately. Thanks for such a great blog {will be cooking your recipes with the bf asap}! P.S.- love the way you wrote this!