Monday, December 27, 2010

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Jacket: Gap, Blouse: Abercrombie (with new neckline made by me), Necklace: F21, Broach on necklace: crafted, Gloves: gift, Ring: F21, Belt: thrifted, Skirt: F21, Knee highs: Target, Shoes: Madden Girl
I wore a lot of clothes today. It was cold.
So, this blog has sort of taken a turn towards the fashion/style arena. Or what I wore today and other funny stories. That's just kind of where I am right now. I hope you guys like it. And forgive the overexposed pictures. I gave mom my camera to use and forgot to change the ISO and didn't realize it until later. Plus I am ignorant of such programs as photoshop because Santa didn't bring that. Hopefully I will get it soon :(. Until then, enjoy my meager editing. Thanks.

I totally felt like I should be galloping side-saddle (of course did you notice the tightness of that skirt?) through the English countryside today. If, in fact, you do gallop side saddle. I wouldn't know because I have never actually ridden English before. Is that overly descriptive for an outfit? I tend to have a really vivid imagination which other people often don't get and I end up explaining things to the wind as their patience trails off and I completely lose them. Also, this is one of my most favorite songs. Ever. Keep that in mind. I will be having a quiz later. I kid. Maybe.
Speaking of dressing for the occasion, we were in the mall the other day. We includes boyfriend which made this extra hilarious because boyfriend carries around this blank expression through the mall as if he doesn't understand why people would want to slowly brush through racks of clothing without actually buying anything. Tools and fishing gear? Yes. Clothes? No. He's not in it for the hunt, he's in it for the kill. Or buy. Whatever. So anyway, we were in Ann Taylor Loft {LOVE} admiring some lovely jackets and I noticed the picture ad on the wall above boasted a beautiful girl in a lovely dress with amazing red knee-high boots {super vogue}. On a lake. With a fishing rod. If boyfriend ever actually takes me fishing with him, that is what I will wear. That's probably why he hasn't taken me yet.
So yesterday, me and mom made the drive over to Thomasville, GA. If you live anywhere near here. Go. Seriously, it's like a spin off on Asheville except smaller and more manageable so you can explore all the shops in just a day and the restaurants are fabulous. Jonah's is one of our faves for dinner. Fish and grits baby. But gourmet. We noshed on some George and Louie's. Our lunch was to die for...ok, well it was a hamburger, but the best one I have had in a while (you know, the kind with the toasted, buttered bun with just the right amount of pickles and that mayo sauce that just oozes out when you go to take a bite) and I eat A LOT of hamburgers. But aside from the food, the displays are just wonderful. I saw this one lighting feature that I would LOVE to recreate with a large crate suspended from the ceiling with bare bulbs stuck into the lids of mason jars hanging from it. Trust me, it was awesome and I want it..maybe with tea lights for an outdoor party or something...
Yesterday was pretty much amazing, just being able to play all day without worrying about homework and then snuggling up with honey, a loaded baked potato, and a good movie (Four Christmases...I know I'm behind, but I hadn't seen it and it was if you are behind too, I would recommend it!) I. Don't. Want. To. Go. Back! [insert stomping of foot] Yes, I often turn into a pouty child when I don't get my way. It's very appealing. It doesn't really work. But boyfriend usually offers hugs and chocolate, so that kind of makes things better.
I will leave you with a final quote that I saw yesterday which currently has my heart. I may have to find a way to craft this into home decor:
You can't buy happiness but you can buy marshmallows...which are kind of the same thing.

Ok, love to you guys!

Oh yeah baby. I broke all the rules with this one. Black, brown AANNDD navy and plaid on plaid. So so so scandalous!


Elle said...

omg i LOVE this! that skirt is is the rest of your outfit. you totally do look like you're about to gallop away on some horse. the buttons down the front...i'm seriously dying.

also, if the boy ever takes you fishing PLEASE take a picture for me. i will laugh so much and secretly admire you for wearing tall red boots.

ps- my boy does the exact same thing when shopping. too funny.

Berlynn Designs said...

LOVE THIS! OMG! I don't even know what else to say I just LOVE everything about this look! GO YOU! Okay, now, I live in GA and will have to check out this Thomasville, GA situation. I would love a quick road trip. Thanks for the tip!

Sarah loves it all said...

ohemgee! This outfit is pretty much amazing!

Blythe and Charlotte said...

I love all the elements in this! It's really original and interesting!


Michelle said...

hey! i just started following your blog. it's really cute. check mine out:

Farm Girl Fashionista said...

Love, love, love this look!! Just browsing through your blog since you were kind enough to visit mine...and now I'm definitely a Follower! =)