Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Officially Christmas

At D-boy's house. We were so very proud of ourselves for mustering up the energy to go to Publix, purchase a tree AANND get it all gussied up for Christmas. You see, all of this goodness happened AFTER 8:00, and we all know Ramsey and Dusty really don't function after 8:00 (note:Christmas movie night lasted all of five minutes into The Santa Clause), but with a few {or a few hundred} pathetic yawns (hey, Publix was out of coffee at their coffee station...I know, Greek trajedy) we managed to persevere and get that baby all nice and sparkly for it's big day!
This picture makes it bizarrly evident that I am terrible at self portraits.
Disclaimer: We were using Boyfriend D's coolpix. Which hates me. It knows I am a Cannon user. Cameras know these things.
Notice the lovely table in the foreground. And the fact that we look like giants with tiny heads. But I had to document this momentous occasion any way I could.
This is our little tree topper. I find it to be quite adorable actually. It's an upside down Santa Clause. Before you all go gawking and laughing, allow me to just point out that it is my one concession on a lovely coreographed tree. It's from D's Grandma and he loves it. I kinda love it too. Three years as our tree topper and going strong!
Lovely picture of Dusty with his mouth full.
Yet another picture of Dusty stuffing his face. Don't you all take pictures of your boyfriends eating? I find it really lightens the mood at the dinner table. And Chili's is just darn yummy, can't blame him.

Just to prove that he doesn't always have food in his mouth. But he does look pretty happy about that plate.

In other news, we (me and mom) had an eventful day at the mall. I forgot how scary that place gets this time of year. Note to self: finish Christmas shopping on a WEEKD.A.Y. MORNING! BUT, we did get an amazing deal on a gift for Boyfriend which I sadly cannot share with you because he may be reading this. But if you are interested (which trust me, you should be!) leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Alrighty, I'm off to bed now. Gotta be up in the morning to get ready for church where we will be lighting the advent candles, wish me luck...I can't light anything (sad, I know). Then pictures with Dear Boyfriend. I may be more excited about these than him. Will share!