Monday, December 20, 2010

Show Me How You Burlesque

Ok, so might I just recommend an awesome movie to you guys...seriously, go see it. Like now, before it's out of theaters. Oh, and you're welcome. My mom and I decided to catch a late movie on a whim (well, 7 is late for us) so we headed back out after a day of shopping (don't know how we managed to motivate ourselves...whoever said shopping is easy...if anyone ever said that, but we'll pretend they did...didn't practice it as an olympic family is serious about this stuff) to catch Burlesque and I am so glad we did. Mom had already seen it once and had bought the CD, so if you were hangin' around my neck of the woods and witnessed two wild lookin' ladies jammin' out in their vehicle at a redlight...well that definitely wouldn't have been us...dededefinately. We hit up the Casa de Waffles afterward (that's the Waffle House for those of you who don't habla espanol) Dusty would be so ashamed of me posting my wretched Spanish on here. Fluent bi-lingual speakers, they think they know everything. I kid, but he still laughs at my Spanish. I, however, LOVE to listen him to speak's so cute. As you can see from above posted picture, other than the fact that I had a really bad hair day and was too lazy to put my contacts in, we juiced up on the "good stuff", so we were ready for some rather rogue dancing when we got home (me and mom, not me and D-boy...he would never make it as a club dancer, sorry hun, but it's just not your thing). I will not be posting any videos of said dancing, just to save my reputation. But I did post the late-night-waffle-house-run look, so you should feel loved. I don't just share that with everybody.
And in case anyone was worried about the poor fellow posted above, he didn't get cuffed and forced to sit through the movie, we just let him join us for our little griddle feast.
And don't judge our healthy eating habits. It's Christmas. The season for eating as much good stuff as you can and not making yourself feel guilty about it. Or something like that.
Happy week everybody!!!


Elle said...

i want to see that movie SO badly! now you've finally convinced me to go. and would you believe i've never been to a waffle house in my life?!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Hummm….I’ve seen the previews for it but haven’t really heard much chatter about it so I just figured it was not watch a trip to the theater. I DO have a few movies I want to see while I’m off work. Maybe I need to add this one to my list!

Ps.....Sorry I haven’t got back to ya about the biz stuff. Too bad we don’t live closer; we could meet for coffee and chat about all things photography! I don’t really have many friends that are into photography. Although my friends probably know a lot more about it that they want to due to my constant chatter about photography. I wish I knew a few more people in the biz! I’m not sure I’m the best person to give business advice. :/ Kent is really the brains behind the whole thing…..I call him my technical advisor who moonlights as my accountant. Thank the lord for him!!!! I’m all about shooting and making things look pretty but then it come to the behind the scenes stuff I’m a little lost. I will say that Kent aka the brain wants me to do LLC (notice the key word wants). Yes, you can connect the lines. I'm going about this whole thing a little backwards. :o) Wanted to make sure I could make it work AND it was a good fit for us before I jumped in feet first. This year I will be launching a new site, updating my packages and prices, upgrading my camera to the 3D, getting a few red line lenses, advertising, and all that good stuff! Wish me luck! Good luck to your as well and your right what you do does deserve a little compensation. It's a lot of work!!!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

Angela said...

I want to see that movie! But... it's not playing around where I live. Bummer! I'm glad to hear it's good though. It'll definitely be a renter.

Also, thanks for the peppermint bark advice! I must not have been fast enough. I totally covered it in more peppermint to try to hide my mistakes. :)

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