Friday, December 10, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday started out a little stinky, so to cheer myself up a bit, I decided to indulge in some good stuff (more on that later)...then I thought about Julie Andrews and her raindrops and whiskers and I thought to myself: Self, why don't you make a list of your favorite things to help you see the good in a rather dismal day? So I did. I happen to be very convincing you know. I assure you this conversation took place entirely in my head.
  1. Chick Filet. Period. It makes me happy, everything about it. Also, the Noles are going to the Chick Filet Bowl this Saturday...I think that calls for Chick Filet all around! I did my part with fries and a Peppermint Chocolate mighta kinda changed my life just a little bit.
  2. Eating Chick Filet guilt free because I kept myself in check and ate a healthy banana and yogurt breakfast which I chased with a workout. So, yeah, I deserved it.
  3. This car. Everything about it. Santa baby, you can stuff this in my stocking. Yeah, I was that weird chick in the parking lot whipping out her digital camera to snap a pic of a total stranger's car...but it was awesome.
  4. The really nice people at F21. The people behind the counter complimented me on my outfit and said I looked like I belonged in a fashion magazine, then asked me if I was a fashion design major (to which I sadly replied: no, Criminology and Political Science, much less interesting). Probably not the most truthful compliment I've ever gotten, but it sorta made my day.
  5. Seeing a car with a license plate from Alaska (I'm in Florida). Dude, that is dedication to your vehicle. I know, it's kinda weird to notice things like that, but I do.
  6. Rocking out to Vanilla Ice on my way to take my exam. You know you do it.
  7. That song by Train, "Marry Me" new most favoritist song ever! Go youtube it and listen to it right now!
  8. Enjoying Victorian Christmas with the family. It was lovely, cold, but lovely. On a side note, I witnessed pretty much the saddest thing. There was a small, fenced in area in one parking lot (I'm talkin' two parking spaces small) that was filled with FAKE snow for kids to play in. The kids were going nuts. We Floridians, if a northerner (or west, whatever) could have seen us, there would be some major head shaking going on.

I encourage you to list the things that make your day today (or any day!). Please do share, I always love trying new morsels of awesomeness!


Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

chickfil-A has makes the best shakes! i love their cookies and creme. and speaking of thinks i love---that orange coat!!! you're a doll

Unknown said...

you had me a Chick-fil-a :)

ps. LOVE the outfit on the previous post. just, love it!