Thursday, December 30, 2010

American as Apple Pie

Blazer: Gap, Button up: F21, Jeggings: Wal Mart, Shoes: F21, Kiddos, borrowed

These are the adorable little nuggets that I hung out with all day. We had an awesome time playing tag and fetch in the yard with the big yellow dog, making a fort out of the kitchen table, and mowing down gourmet chicken nuggets at Mickey D's. Sometimes it's good just to revert back to your childish inhibitions...except for I kinda do that a lot. But today was especially fun. So much excitement. Poor Cutter is probably utterly exhausted, but he would have traded me in an instant for those two balls of snack-dropping energy. Shallow.

I felt really all-American today. I'm a little surprised that no one walked up to me and handed me an apple pie or anything. They must not have received that memo...patriotic outfits deserve a dose of apple pie. With ice cream. So, patriotic I was today, even if I didn't get treated to my favorite apple confection. Hence the pictures in the woods, they looked lumberjackish. So maybe that makes me a lumberjill...or Jane and everyone knows that that is very American. Oh wait, you actually have to chop wood for that and not just take pictures sporting a plaid shirt in a forest? Never mind then. I'll just stick to admiring my new (cheapo $22) shoes. My dad saw them and said they looked like coffee with a lot of cream. I think I love them. Now let me go dig out something appley, cider maybe?

Tonight we feast on fajitas, watch yet another movie rental from that magical little invention called the Red Box, and kick some tail at Taboo. Until tomorrow my friends!




Blythe and Charlotte said...

Such gorgeous shoes! I love cutouts!


AJD. said...

I love this outfit! I'm a shoe-in for plaid...& those shoes [great find]. By the way, I'm totally jealous of your hair. I'm in the midst of growing mine out [hopefully to your length! Eek!] and I'm getting so impatient.

Any ways, thanks for the comment! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's in love with my couch. And, trust me, it takes a lot of conniving to get rid of the ugly couches, but it's SO worth it. So you keep badgering your boyfriend, someday you will be able to hide it away. ;]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute comment on my blog!! Lovin yours, and that outfit is to die for. To die!! Love the shoes!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS :)

Modest Fashion Sense said...

So cute! I love the shoes :) I have found another blog to obsess over :)

lady lyles said...

These shoes are definitely fantastic! I cant believe they are from F21. Amazing. I just bought their open-toed bootie soul sister tonight. They have really similar cut outs and are by Guess. I'm pretty in love. Maybe if I ever get up the courage to do a fashion post, I'll throw em up there.
PS: I'm glad you liked the cupcake pictures. Seriously, they were as good as they look. I highly, highly recommend that recipe!