Monday, January 23, 2012

Stand in blogger






Glasses: c/o Karen Kane, Shirts, jacket, shoes: Old Navy, Shorts: Hand-me-down, Tights: Gift, Belt: Thrifted, Watch: c/o Mimi's

{Thank you to Chessie, who kindly wrote this post for me. See above.}

Mondays are stinky. Because Ramsey has to go to that class place again, which means no buddy buddy for me all day. But at least she doesn't have to be there until 11. Which, I suppose of all evils really isn't that bad. Because she has time to get her reading and such done before class {squirrel} and pick out a decent outfit, and fix her ratty hair {hott mess I'm tellin' ya}. Ok, right, who am I kidding? She is really going to piddle around with crafts, fix breakfast, check her email, and then dash around the house {squirrel} at the last possible second, throwing her hair into a bun and grabbing her bag on the way out the door. She is such a procrastinator. Pssht. {squirrel} But at least I get a few more minutes to snooze on the rug before I have to go out for the day {ching!} and she gets to spend a few more minutes in her hiddeous pajamas {seriously, who wears fleece pants, a long-sleeved shirt, a robe, and a blanket when it's 70 plus degrees out?} before putting on something more presentable. And some makeup if we're lucky. Ok, I'm off to catch some zzzzzz's. This blog writing {squirrel} gig is exhausting. Peace out.



*Please excuse the fact that Chessie is a bit cynical. And has a short attention span.



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where do the lost clothes go?





Vest: c/o Karen Kane, Shirt: JC Penny, Skirt: F21, Tights: Target, Boots: Madden Girl, Watch: c/o Mimi's

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon that is washing something only to have it get eaten up by some cotton-and-wool-loving monster who must certainly be hiding behind your washing machine? Or sometimes, and perhaps this is worse, you loose it just long enough for the current season to pass and then once the weather and your wardrobe have moved on to bigger and better things, there it is. The lost sweater that would doubtlessly have been put to good use had it been residing in your closet as opposed to some lint-ridden crevice in your laundry room. I think it has something to do with the urgency with which I conduct my laundry-washing duties. I would like to think of myself as an organized little Suzie homemaker who is always on top of her laundry and neatly folds it into perfect piles after it has air dried on the line and smells of sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, the only thing I know about being on top of laundry is sleeping on top of the laundry mountain that has taken up permanent residence on my bed. And I generally avoid said mountain until pigs fly or I run out of unders. The latter typically happens first. So there I go, streaking through the house (because it makes far more since to launder absolutely every piece of dirty laundry you own as opposed to leaving some for the next load) and heaving an armful of clothes into the washer in an act of sheer desperation. So naturally there are a few pieces who feel sorely mistreated by this lack of tender love and care and nestle into that unfortunate crack behind the washer/dryer/freezer and call it home. Maybe I should subscribe to Dusty's logic that you should never go to bed on New Year's Eve with so much as a stitch of dirty laundry, lest you be cursed with falling behind on said chore all the year through. Yep. That's probably my problem. Best of luck sniffing out those sweaters before spring hits.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does anyone have a donut pan?




Skirt, sweater, and belt: F21, Shirt: NY and Co., Vest: Belk, Scarf: Loft (gift), Shoes: Gift, Socks and tights: Target, Bag: Chanel, Bow: DIY, Bracelets: F21, Premier, Gift

I have been surfing for party ideas for an upcoming shower and I have fallen in mad infatuation with the idea of baking homemade donuts. Ironically, I'm simultaniously trying to up my intake of the healthy and down the sugary sweet, greasy stuff. Surely if they are baked, they are not as bad as fried, no? I just think the possibilities of boxed cake mix-turned-donuts are wide open. As in awesome. Especially the possibility of apple cider donuts in 15 minutes. Cold weather makes me want to down a truckload of those suckers. Me and cake donuts are like this (insert twisted finger thingy)...cakey, just enough sweet, old-fashioned goodness. So there. Do any of you own one of these most miraculous contraptions? And while I'm asking questions, is it "donut" or "doughnut"? I've never been able to tease that one out. Dunkin' Donuts leaves out the unnecessary "ugh" so I'm going with that. Poop on toast, all of this donut/doughnut talk is making me want something sweet. And some milk. And a nap. You know what they say about giving a procrastinating law student a donut.

Happy Wednesday!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food Truck Thursday

food trucks2






Shirt: c/o Karen Kane, Sweater, shades, and shorts: F21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Thrifted, Gloves: Isotoner, Bracelets: F21, c/o Mimi's, Bag: Vintage Gucci

We fiiinally made it to Food Truck Thursday this week. And it was fantstic. At lease I though so. Basically a line of pimped out bread wagons selling gormet junk food. Ummm heavenly. I'm pretty sure Dusty was slightly less thrilled, but he took his Columbia-loving, boot-wearing self to the land of hipsters, cigarettes, and glasses five times the size of the face so that I could try chicken and waffles bought from a dude who looked like a Napolean Dynamite wanna-be. I know, he is a sweet pea. For the record, I think he enjoyed the chicken and waffles too. (Or at least he was nice enough to pretend he enjoyed it!) Hellllooo ultimate comfort food. And now I am all about finding a recipe to make homemade red velvet waffles. I may be obsessed.

I hope your week was positively wonderous! Happy Saturday. Ok, now I get to go endure my workout for the day loading three years-worth of college text books into my car to resell to the bookshop, or drop off on someone's doorstep. Or generally just get out of my room (the only part of this experience I'm looking forward to.) Happy day lovelies!



P.S. I am eventually going to show you the finished product of my room. I just have to find a way to make all of the pictures stay up without poking a bajillion holes in the wall.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8 am:1 Me:0






Skirt: Ann Taylor, Boots: Arturo Chiang, Jacket: Gift from Mom: Karla's Kloset, Socks: Target, Sweater: NY and Co., Belt: Gap, Necklaces: c/o Mimi's, F21, Bracelets: c/o Mimi's, F21

I completely meant to stop by earlier this week, but the forces were against me and it just wasn't happening. Monday, I took photos but they were overexposed. Tuesday, it rained on me as I walked from the building to my car. Mr. Weatherman clearly didn't have it together when he said it wasn't raining 'till evening. As I was walking out of the school with my friends, I was on the brink of commenting about how the stinking rain would conflict with my outfit pictures. But I caught myself. Fortunately, because that would have been awkward. Sometimes I forget that not all people take pictures of there clothes every day. Right. Oh, and I fell asleep on the couch at 6:00 last night, got up long enough to throw a load in the wash (which I didn't move and which soured) and then went back to bed. It's a crazy life I lead. Wild. But today, I was feeling super-motivated and not only did am I blogging, but I cleaned house this afternoon, nails are done, lunch is packed, laundry completed. Ok, well the last one is still in the works, but at least it is somewhere in the very promising middle stages. All that productivity has me flat worn out. To the point where I'm contemplating whether to bother with a shower or not. Totally kosher to go two days without, right? For the record, I'm kidding. I will shower. Tomorrow morning.

Thursday 8 am in the morning. I can tell this is going to be a fave. Not. Me and 8 am just don't jive. We had an angry, old-west stare down on Tuesday. 8 am won. Round 2 is on tomorrow and I gotta bring my A game. Which means...Stop. Blogging and get this stinker of a Legislation and Regulation (try saying that three times fast) reading done pronto.




Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Florida you silly thing!








Pants: Gift from Mom from a local boutique (Brooke and Nicole), Shirt: Gift/Wet Seal, Shoes: Nine West, Scarf: Old Navy, Belt: c/o Sparkle, Jewelry: F21, Premier

Yup, so this week we had a low of 18 and a high hitting almost 80. No need for so much as a jacket yesterday. I swear I don't think we've ever had such nuttiness as far as I recall.

Enough about the weather. I know, I tend to revert to small talk about weather whenever I don't know what to say. And I'm sure you are all thinking to yourselves how bad you wish you knew me in real life right now. We could sip hot beverages and chat about the weather all day long. I am going to be so good at being old by the time I get there.

Moving on. Tomorrow marks day one of semester two and I won't lie, I'm dreading it like the plague. To make matters better, I haven't gotten my books yet, so I get to go to school double early to spend some quality time in the library before class. BUT. In spite of all that pleasantness, let's focus on the fact that today is Sunday. And there is no school. And there is the promise of giving myself a manicure. And finally getting the pictures to hang their stinking little selves on my wall and NOT fall down. And picking out something fabulous {ideas, thoughts, inspiration, please?} to wear tomorrow. And going to the grocery to get some lunch-packing supplies. {I'm a freak who loves going to the grocery store, I know.} And we are going to watch Alice and Wonderland and take notes for helping plan my sissy's Matter Hatter-themed prom. And I am going to finally wash my overdue hair and give it a curl job. And I am going to pick out the most amazing stinking notebooks to make going to class this semester a little less painful.

Ok. I think that's enough counteracting goodness to make me feel a little better. Yay for Sundays, right? I hope yours is full of enough wonderous Sundayness to get you through Monday. Heck, I hope your Monday is wonderful too!



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colorful things





Jacket: Gift from mom-local boutique (Karla's Closet), Shirt: F21, Belt: Gap, Pants: J. Crew, Socks: Target, Shoes: c/o Frock Candy, Headband: c/o Whimsical Headbands

Hello sweet things. It is late. As in midnight, which is practically 4 am as far as I am concerned and my eyes reached the point of burning/ my eyeballs out about four hours ago. Why haven't I put my glasses on yet? Have you ever noticed how we do crazy junk like that? Like when I'm laying in bed awake, knowing I have to use the bathroom and completely unable to return to sleep, but refuse to get up until it reaches the point of now or wet the bed before I do anything about it. Yeah. Just like that. If you are not one of those people, please kindly keep your comments to yourself.

I've been in project mode for the last few days, as I decided it was time for my bedroom to receive an update. It was fine and all, but I was just craving some color. In my mind, winter should end and spring should begin as soon as the Christmas tree is boxed and put away. Bring on the lavender and flowers baby. And so in my room, it is now spring. As declared by me. And the flaming wad of color now covering my walls. Meh. That was covering my walls. I just heard a picture frame bite the dust in there. Should have bought the Command hangers after all. Here's hoping none of it will choose to take a tumble onto my sleeping head tonight. That's one point for the couch.

Okay, I'm going to go scrape the glued-on contacts from my eyes and survey the damage in the bedroom. But I'll leave you with this one dingy, terribly lit, wrinkly photo of the springing off point of the room. I'll show more when it's fully completed and you can wait your little buns with baited breath until that point rolls around.

Happy "spring"/winter. I hope color has found you wherever you are!