Friday, August 30, 2013


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 photo IMG_8053.gif
 photo IMG_8059.gif
 photo IMG_8060.gif

 photo IMG_8057.gif
Dress: c/o Sparkle, Shoes: Target via Plato's Closet, Bag: Michael Kohrs, Bracelets: c/o Sparkle, c/o Mimi's, Necklace and Earrings: c/o Sparkle
I know you guys are tired of me rubbing stuff in, but because I'm not altogether sure of whether people read this or just come for the pictures of me posing awkwardly by myself and I am writing into the abyss, I am going to post it anyway.  Mostly because the only other people I have to brag to are my mom (who is tired of me talking about these shoes), Dusty (who could care less about my shoes), and the dogs (who would like to eat my shoes).  So anyway, they were originally from Target for like $29.  And that was just too much to spend on a pair of too-high, uncomfortable heels in a risky color. <=====The person who typed that last line is cheap.  But you know what they say, cheap shoes come to those who wait.  Or something like that.  And I found them, brand new, at Plato's Closet (It's a thrift store for designerish clothes, if you are wondering.) for $8.  And whatdoyaknow?  Turns out tomato isn't that hard to match after all.  Plus my adorable friend, who owns my favorite little boutique eva (Sparkle) sent me this dress the other day.  It is probably my new fave.  And it totally matches the shoes.
Now that I have typed an entire paragraph about my shoes (How many times can I say that word in one post?  Shoes, shoes, shoes.), I should probably tell you that I have taken Benadryl and should not be held accountable for anything that comes out of my mouth.  My fingers.  Whatever.  I am no good when drowsy.
Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Orange and Blue

 photo IMG_8035.gif
 photo IMG_8036.gif
 photo IMG_8042.gif
 photo IMG_8041.gif

 photo IMG_8040.gif
Dress: Old Navy via Plato's Closet, Jacket: Plato's Closet, Shoes: Old Navy, Bracelet: c/o Sparkle
Let it be known, I am a Seminole.  I know these colors could be misleading.  For some reason, when I picked up these two pieces together, I just had this outfit in mind.  And when the clothing fairies sprinkle you with outfit dust, well, who am I to say no?  I'll admit, I may have spent part of the day moving my arms around in less-than-natural fashion so I could flash the neon orange lining of my jacket to people.   I am nothing if not discreet. 
Since I brought up the Nole/Gator dichotomy, football season starts this weekend.  Smooth transition.  Not that any of you (including me) particularly care about the arrival of the next sporting season, but this means I have every excuse to spend my Saturdays taking 3-4 hour naps and eating food laden with cheese and calories.  That's what football season means to me.  And right now, my head is clogged with coldish stuff and my throat is scratchy.  So I fully intend to kick it off this weekend and spend my time curled up in a big, cozy sweater and yoga pants and waking up only to accept food which is brought to me.  I do understand that warm sweaters may be a bit excessive for August in Florida, where we are still making it into the 90s everyday, but if I stay inside with the AC, I am pretty sure I can convince myself that fall is almost here.  And if that fails, there is always Pinterest.  And fall arrives in August on Pinterest without fail.
So cheers to football kickoff weekend!  May your team prevail and if not, may you eat enough not to care.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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 photo IMG_6381.gif
 photo IMG_6384.gif
 photo IMG_6376.gif
 photo IMG_6378.gif
Dress: F21, Shoes: Plato's Closet, Necklace/Bracelet: c/o Sparkle, Clutch: Target
I absolutely meant to blog yesterday.  Monday I gave myself a break, what with it being the first day of school and all, but yesterday, I was at it.  But I forgot.  I told Dusty I was going to and he never reminded me, so we'll just say it was his fault, no?  Although that would be mean seeing as he watched a movie and passed out right after dinner.
In all honesty, this is what I wore for the first day of school, but these pictures were taken last week.  It was a re-wear.  Usually I don't do these so close to each other, but it was the first day, I had some serious business to tend to and I needed to look like a serious law student.  If this doesn't scream serious law student, I don't know what does.  Also, I am in love with this dress.  I'm not sure if it is the gold snazzy print or the fact that I got it for $11 (that's eleven dollars) at Forever 21 on sale the other day.  Just one, hanging on the end of the rack, in my size.  I think I even heard angel harps over the semi-stale Rihanna music playing in the background.  Even the sales lady was impressed.  And you know when you've impressed the sales lady, you have really got yourself a steal. 
So anywho, wish me luck with this back to school thing.  My throat is feeling a little sore.  I don't know if I'm getting sick or if my body is just repulsed by the idea of hanging out in classrooms and focusing on professors and reading books not for pleasure (which let's be honest, I don't even read them for pleasure anymore).  Whatever it is, I'm just hoping my immune system can kick it in the booty before it turns me into even more of a grumpy bear.
Aaannd, that's all for now.  See you tomorrow.  If I don't forget.  Which I won't.  Hopefully.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

No Pants

 photo IMG_5817-1.gif
 photo IMG_5818-1.gif
 photo IMG_5823-1.gif
Shirt: Old Navy via Mom, Pants: Ross, Shoes: UO, Bag: The Limited, Necklace and Earrings: c/o Sparkle
Mom hates these pants because she says they make me look naked from the waist down.  I suppose they kind of do, but I they were and impulse purchase from Ross one afternoon and I am determined to put them to use.  Also, I like messing with peoples' heads sometimes.  Making them do the double take on the girl with "no pants."
You should note how brave I was, taking these pictures right downtown with people passing by.  I can only imagine what they must have been thinking.  Girl with no pants.  Taking pictures on the sidewalk.  I rarely have to deal with passers by at home because our town is so tiny we can always find a quiet, desolate spot for them.  I do normally wear pants at home, however.
Ok, I am signing off for the weekend because I have to go from work tomorrow directly into wedding mania.  I am shooting a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night and the wedding on Saturday.  Goodness help my feet.  I really need to get to picking out some shoes.
Happy (early) weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Like and Animal

 photo IMG_5788-1.gif
 photo IMG_5795-1.gif
 photo IMG_5792-1.gif
 photo IMG_5791-1.gif
Dress: F21, Shoes: Target, Bag: The Limited, Watch and Necklace: c/o Sparkle
Neon doesn't photograph particularly well, which is unfortunate because I didn't see anyone I knew in this outfit.  So I thought at least I could share it here, but it is a tad anticlimactic.  Just to let you know, the watch, and the shoes are obnoxious in person.  There, now I feel better.
I was trying to explain to my dad the other day that animal print can be worn as a neutral.  (Clearly we had flat run out of conversation topics.  He doesn't wear animal print that often, so I don't think he particularly cared about my opinion on how to pair it.)  Animal print and stripes, animal print and polka dots, etc., etc.  I was also explaining that neon can be worn as a neutral.  I mean you can pretty much add it to any print, any color, or even another neon (if you aren't afraid of looking like a highlighter, which I. Am. Not.).  So when I mix animal print with neon, I am essentially just wearing two neutrals.  Feel free to quote me on that. 
I may have also been half asleep during this explanation.  Or hungry.  I tend not to make much sense when I'm hungry.  You can certainly disagree with that assessment.  I, on the other hand, will continue to walk around like a glow-in-the-dark jungle animal.  Stop me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 photo IMG_5803-1.gif
 photo IMG_5808-1.gif
 photo IMG_5800-1.gif
 photo IMG_5805-1.gif
 photo IMG_5807-1.gif
Dress: c/o Sparkle, Shoes: Target via Plato's Closet, Necklace: Borrowed, Clutch: Gucci (vintage)
I'll be honest, this outfit was far too fancy for where it was taken, but to be fair, I wasn't aware of this when I packed.   So naturally, mom and I had to explore downtown Gainesville after dinner.  Because it would have been unfair to my outfit not to take it out for a nice night on the town.  Also, wedding crashing was out because it was Friday.  We settled on a piano bar because pianos are my absolute FAVE!  Did you see all the excitement in that last sentence?  Tallahassee, you need to get one of these ASAP.  There is nothing better than singing along with a half-intoxicated pianist and 50 strangers to songs you only know half the words to at the top of your lungs.  If you are ever in Gainesville, go to Rockey's.  Two baby grands, a drummer, and an electric guitarist.  And then come back to Tally and open one just for me.  Thank ya kindly.
You should know that these pictures are more that I stockpiled from the weekend.  I have been glued to the computer, wearing pajamas for two days straight, trying to get three photo sessions out before I shoot a wedding this weekend.  Hot mess doesn't even begin to describe this look.  I'm avoiding mirrors.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, August 19, 2013

WIndy Day

 photo IMG_6091-2.gif
 photo IMG_6087-1.gif
 photo IMG_6080-1.gif
 photo IMG_6089-1.gif
Sweater: Old Navy, Shorts: Hollister, Shoes: Target, Tote: Borrowed, Necklace: DDP
This outfit makes it look like I did something super weekendy this weekend, like a farmers market or a day at the beach or something.  In fact, this feels like something Ina Garten might wear to the Hamptons market.  That is if Ina was in her twenties and wore distressed jeans and cheap sweaters.  Unfortunately, I only went to the Dollar Tree.  Fancy, I know.  I clearly have high-quality taste.  Also, these pictures were taken approximately .02 seconds before a monsoon came through.  Which would explain the hair everywhere.  I was totally wearing makeup yesterday, by the way.  For some reason it decided to be invisible for these photos, but I can assure you I looked some level of presentable in person.  I suppose I could have photoshoped some on, but for the sake of honesty and transparency, here you go.  And before I ramble any further about life-changing observations, I need to go inhale some dinner so I can make it to my photo session for this evening on time.  Yes, that's right, inhale.  I am ever a lady.

Friday, August 16, 2013


 photo IMG_5120.jpg
 photo IMG_5125.jpg
 photo IMG_5114.jpg
 photo IMG_5119.jpg
 photo IMG_5126.jpg
Sweater: Old Navy, Shorts: Old, Hat: Wal Mart, Bag: Lilly Pulitzer, Watch: Target, Bracelets: Sparkle, Shoes: Old Navy
Just wanted to say a quick hello before we run out the door to go move my sister into her dorm at the University of Florida.  Actually, I am hoping most of the moving is done by the time I get there.  I don't do boxes and stairs.  And boxes and stairs and heels, forget about it.  I'll be there as dorm style consultant.  I think I am going to go add that to my resume.  It has a nice ring.
Happy weekend guys!  Do something fun for me!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue Door

 photo IMG_5551.jpg
 photo IMG_5554.jpg
 photo IMG_5550.jpg
 photo IMG_5546.jpg
 photo IMG_5548.jpg
Striped Shirt: F21, Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Pants: Old Navy, Necklace: D.D.P., Purse: The Limited, Shoes: Old Navy
That title means nothing other than the fact that we found this really cool blue door to take pictures in front of today that matched my blue outfit.  For some reason this blue and yellow color combo has been stuck on my brain lately.  I didn't even know I owned that much blue and yellow, but every day my closet is like "wha-bayum" and pops out another outfit.  It even makes the sound effects and everything.
This is the outfit I chose to paint in my mom's classroom today.  It was 120 degrees outside in Florida today and it was probably not the most paint-appropriate attire I could have thrown together, but ya know what?  The classroom turned out to be 20 below zero and I did not spill one drop of paint on myself.  Double fist pump for that victory.  Which naturally means I will probably wake up in the morning and manage to spill my coffee, toothpaste, and orange juice all over myself by nine AM.  At the latest.  I'll enjoy it while I can.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well Timed

 photo IMG_5138.jpg
 photo IMG_5137.jpg
 photo IMG_5143.jpg
Skirt: Sister's, Top: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Purse: Target, Watch: Target, Nails: Essie Topless and Barefoot
You guys.  I seriously have been in the worst possible mood all day.  I ran late this morning, had to do research all afternoon, found out my contacts were never ordered because my prescription is out of date and I am about to scratch my eyeballs out, still haven't gotten my new phone cover, had a bad hair day, and found out my (and Dusty's) dog ate through one of my giant, beautiful ferns (that I have been growing for like four months) and two pots of impatiens while I was at work.  And honestly, all of these little things should have been so easy to deal with because they are truly NOT. a. big. deal.  But Mother Nature is kicking me in the bohunkus (see urban dictionary) big time and all I want to do is watch Steel Magnolias and eat and entire pan of brownies and have myself a good cry.
And then I came home and logged into this glorious site and saw a big list of the sweetest, most thoughtful comments ever.  I actually started crying when I read them because I was so touched.  I never expected anyone to read that last post.  I was so nervous and hesitant to hit "publish."  Putting your insecurities on this whole internet thing is intimidating.  I kind of assumed it would take people a while to figure out I was still out here at all.  But y'all absolutely proved me wrong and you have no idea how much that means to me.  And best of all you complimented me on the things I was most insecure about and even if you were just doing it to be nice, well, it was.  And it made me feel very loved.  So yeah.  Thank you for being nice!  That was well timed and I love you guys too.
Also, I saw that my Redbox had Steel Magnolias in it the other day, so I may still make a trip to town for boxed brownies and a good tear jerker.  I'm predictable.  And a baby.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back in the Saddle

 photo IMG_5532.jpg

 photo IMG_5531.jpg
 photo IMG_5536.jpg
 photo IMG_5538.jpg
 photo IMG_5539.jpg
Top: Mudd, Dress: Sparkle, Shoes: Old Navy, Belt: F21, Jewelry: Sparkle, Target, c/o Mimi's, Clutch: Target
I'm not sure if anyone out there is still listening to this little blog and I am definitely lost on the new Blogger, so I really have no idea how "following," or blogging for that matter, works any more, but I decided I wanted to start blogging again.  To be honest, my life has literally not changed one bit in the last year.  No change in hair color (been there, half of my hair broke off in high school, swore to never go there again).  No change in school other than another year down (one more, plus the dreaded Bar exam to go).  No change in marital (or engagital) status.  Really not that many new clothes because my sad student budget forces me to be cheap, cheap, cheap.  So, if you were wondering if you missed out on anything, it was really just a slew of less-than-interesting outfits and the necessary  complaining about professors.
If you want to know why I left, I'll tell you I really can't pin down one reason.  I can tell you that when life got busy with school and my photography business and, well, ya know, life, blogging became just another thing I "had" to do.  I felt like my closet and pool of blog topics were becoming stale.  I was reading lots of other blogs (and Pinterest!) and everyone seemed to be so much funnier, more interesting, have better closets, have better photographers.  I could keep going with this, but I think you know where that one is headed.  Part of the reason I quit was because I felt like I wasn't the best, or even in the top, so why bother.  But you know what?  In this one year sabbatical I have learned that this was more than just a fashion blog.  I have learned that it really was much more for me than it was for everyone else.  It motivated me to keep a journal of my life.  It motivated me to take pictures of all the little things I do, things that have gone completely undocumented since last year.  Dusty has been asking me to come back to blogging for quite some time now, saying he misses the blogging side of me.  As it turns out, he was probably my most avid reader.  It also turns out that I miss me to.  I miss stopping to write things down.
I've said all of this to say that I am going to give this a go again.  I am not making any promises to blog outfit pictures every day.  In fact, judging by the pictures on my camera phone, it may turn into a blog of pictures of my dogs (which is why I don't have Instagram, I need to maintain some semblance of a normal person who does not spend 80 percent of time with her dogs).  I have night classes this semester, so the whole picture thing may take some working out.  I'm a little rusty on the writing and the posing and still not much in the humor department.  But I want to blog for me.  Not to compare myself to others, but to be able to look back and remember the person that I was (am) right now.
If anyone is out there, hello, I hope you are doing splendidly!  Thanks for reading!
P.S.  Clearly, I need some help in the blog design department, so spare me on that one.  I am trying to work it out, but should anyone want to volunteer their talents, who am I to say no?