Thursday, August 22, 2013

No Pants

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Shirt: Old Navy via Mom, Pants: Ross, Shoes: UO, Bag: The Limited, Necklace and Earrings: c/o Sparkle
Mom hates these pants because she says they make me look naked from the waist down.  I suppose they kind of do, but I they were and impulse purchase from Ross one afternoon and I am determined to put them to use.  Also, I like messing with peoples' heads sometimes.  Making them do the double take on the girl with "no pants."
You should note how brave I was, taking these pictures right downtown with people passing by.  I can only imagine what they must have been thinking.  Girl with no pants.  Taking pictures on the sidewalk.  I rarely have to deal with passers by at home because our town is so tiny we can always find a quiet, desolate spot for them.  I do normally wear pants at home, however.
Ok, I am signing off for the weekend because I have to go from work tomorrow directly into wedding mania.  I am shooting a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night and the wedding on Saturday.  Goodness help my feet.  I really need to get to picking out some shoes.
Happy (early) weekend!


Anonymous said...

Not a day goes by since your posts make me laugh at least once, you are super fun! You've created an amazing combo with your invisible pants, love that shirt!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Amanda said...

Your outfit is adorable!! I am in LOOOVE with your shirt... and hair... and that bag!! :) I would never be brave enuff to wear pants that color, but you work it girl!!! :) They look great on you!


Jenni said...

I'm glad you're back to posting! I think I also like the style you're doing now, both in fashion and in your posts, it seems more simple and honest and I feel inspired because of you. Thanks for letting me in on part of your life!


Mariel Torres said...

Haha i have those same exact pants and my mom absolutely loaths them! lol she'll try anything to get me to change into another pair

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Love the polka dot shirt!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

Tiffany Vaughan said...

I LOL'd reading about the pants; I have some that have the same effect on me...I stopped wearing them to work because I started feeling half naked walking around the office. It's always funny seeing people do a double take to make sure I'm wearing pants. Your outfit is adorable!