Thursday, August 29, 2013

Orange and Blue

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Dress: Old Navy via Plato's Closet, Jacket: Plato's Closet, Shoes: Old Navy, Bracelet: c/o Sparkle
Let it be known, I am a Seminole.  I know these colors could be misleading.  For some reason, when I picked up these two pieces together, I just had this outfit in mind.  And when the clothing fairies sprinkle you with outfit dust, well, who am I to say no?  I'll admit, I may have spent part of the day moving my arms around in less-than-natural fashion so I could flash the neon orange lining of my jacket to people.   I am nothing if not discreet. 
Since I brought up the Nole/Gator dichotomy, football season starts this weekend.  Smooth transition.  Not that any of you (including me) particularly care about the arrival of the next sporting season, but this means I have every excuse to spend my Saturdays taking 3-4 hour naps and eating food laden with cheese and calories.  That's what football season means to me.  And right now, my head is clogged with coldish stuff and my throat is scratchy.  So I fully intend to kick it off this weekend and spend my time curled up in a big, cozy sweater and yoga pants and waking up only to accept food which is brought to me.  I do understand that warm sweaters may be a bit excessive for August in Florida, where we are still making it into the 90s everyday, but if I stay inside with the AC, I am pretty sure I can convince myself that fall is almost here.  And if that fails, there is always Pinterest.  And fall arrives in August on Pinterest without fail.
So cheers to football kickoff weekend!  May your team prevail and if not, may you eat enough not to care.


Anonymous said...

I like the colors you chose, is not the typical color combo but is exactly why I like it! That jacket is seriously something!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

katie said...

I love this post so much!! I, too, have a sore throat after this weekend and unfortunately (with starting my second year of grad school) can't seem to fit in 3-4 hour naps. :( i love your Pinterest comment, I've dedicated a WHOLE board to Fall!!!! check it out (my name is Katie Kordus) if you like. #fallloversunite ;))))