Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit of the Week




Top: Borrowed, Skirt: Dillards, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: F21, Watch and Bracelet: c/o Mimi's

I know that this poor, dear blog has basically been reduced to a single, weekly outfit.  And for that I am sad.    Mostly because the one weekly outfit I post is pretty much the only time I get dressed, like really dressed, each week.  Sad.  My accessories miss me.  I hear their sad little selves weeping at night from there unorganized and too-small box on the dresser.  And I weep a little bit too.  And every morning, I tell them that it is for their own good that I am leaving them at home so that they will not be lost.  And then I realize how odd it is that I am talking to my accessories.  Weeks without the daily jingle of bangles and the perfect shade of red lipstick will do that to a girl.  And let's not even talk about the condition of my nails right now.  But here is my best effort at pulled together for the week.  It was Saturday, after I got off of work and changed out of my campaign tee in the mall parking lot.  I'm pretty sure "classy" would be the proper adjective for that.  In hindsight, I think it could have used a belt.  Ok, now I need to pick myself up and take myself to the shower, where I was supposed to be fifteen minutes ago.  So I can put myself to bed and be up entirely too early in the morning.  Cheerio!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Painted toesies and yoga pants

Yoga pants: c/o Karen Kane, Polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

Two of my current faves. Even if I'm the only one who sees my painted toe because I wear tennis shoes most days. Eww. I know. Also, yoga pants are incredible and these new ones have my heart won right over. Perfect for HGTV watching and late night snacks. So is my life after work. I know you are so jealous, aren't you? I'm pretty sure I have watched enough home selling shows to jump right into a career as a realtor. Because I'm pretty sure that's how that works. Ok, happy week guys!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Just work




Top: c/o Karen Kane, Sweater: 2F21, Skirt: UO, Shoes: Old Navy, Watch: c/o Mimi's
Sorry for the MIAness this past week.  I promise you missed nothing.  Mostly I just went door-to-door for my job.  Came across a bunch of scary-looking dogs and a few friendly ones.  Decided we really should start carrying treats to these places.  Washed my really sexy yellow campaign t-shirt like a bajillion times.  Stole Dusty's so I wouldn't have to wash mine anymore.  Spilled ketchup on said t-shirt which was mistaken for blood and which I really should have played up and made into a fantastic story.  Ran up to doors and shoved pamphlets into them and then sprinted back to the car and yelled, "go, go, go" like I had just robbed a bank.  Never did a thing with my hair.  Or really wore makeup for that matter.  Got rained on.  Sweated like a pig.  Cheered last Friday when I fiiinally didn't have to wear my t-shirt anymore.  I put the "ex" in exciting.
But the weekend was oh so nice.  And the grubbin' fantastic.  Saturday night we discovered a fantastic new show called Alaska: The Last Frontier when I was trying to rent a movie on the tele and now we are hooked.  And Dusty wants to move to Alaska.  Mom and I went shopping and ate lunch at a cute little hole-in-the-wall called Paisley Cafe, which had a really great Brie and Apple sammy, and got cupcakes from our favorite cupcake joint, Lucy and Leo's.  Red to the Velvet.  Yum.  We got some lovely little rain.  But not quite enough.  And then Dusty cooked a delish meal for everyone last night and we all ate banana bread pudding.  The end.  And now it is Monday.  And I wish I had some bread pudding (Dusty, I'm jealous that you have the whole pan!).  And I am ready for bed.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dusty and I had a delicious lunch at Newks, which has practically the best salads ever. And then it was raining. Glorious, real, hard, cold rain which I had really missed. So naturally, we had to try out a new ice cream parlor, called Lofty Pursuits, which has a 20% discount for rainy days. The menu was like 10 pages of just ice cream and soda fountain concoctions. I got the whoopie pie ice cream, but next time I am definitely getting the marshmallow dream sundae. Definitely. Plus they had soda jerks in authentic hats, a vintage yoyo collection, and a carnival mirror. Yes. Our next stop was My Favorite Books, a used bookstore next door. Dusty studied architecture, while I looked up how to cook vegetarian. Because I'm considering cooking sans meat (but only partially) in the name of health. But don't tell Dusty that yet. He's a meat and potatoes guy. The biggest news is that we picked out a new puppy for Dusty. A lab. We haven't made a final decision on a name. Dusty's vote is on Dodge. I'm still on the fence. Qualification: name must be tough.

It was a nice day. And now it makes me sad that it's Monday.

Have a lovely week!


Friday, July 6, 2012

In an airport

These are the new shoes that I bought at Urban Outfitters yesterday. I really like the color, but I won't lie...they hurt my feet. We have an hour until our flight so I'll probably find some gummy worms for the plane and then try not to eat them all before takeoff. I have a problem with those things. Today seems pretty slow, so people watching isn't that great. Maybe I'll bury myself in my sweater and take a little pre-plane nap. Missing Dusty dear very much. And the doggies, which he is so kindly caring for. Anyways, be back soon(ish). Happy Friday!

Love, Ramsey

The Fourth

I hope you all had a safe and sound Fourth of July. And that you celebrated our independence and said your prayers of thanks for those who have made it possible. I also hope that you consumed plenty of burgers, lemonade, and tongue-staining cupcakes on my behalf. We spent our Fourth in downtown Las Vegas. Which is officially not my favorite place in the world. I was actually thankful that I wore heals because I feel somehow that they may have saved my feet from contact with the bajillions of germs that I just know were hanging around amidst empty bottles just waiting to jump on me. I also have a phobia of crowds. I don't know what it's called and I'm too lazy to google it right now. Fortunately we made it back to our hotel, smelling like a dive bar, but safe. And terribly thankful for the clean resort in which we are staying. Even if everything here does cost two arms and a leg. It didn't feel very fourth of july-ish here.

In other news, I bought some rad mint polish yesterday and painted my fourth nails, which promptly got smeared.

These shoes are lifesavers. What was I thinking packing so many heels?

Our toilet paper rolls in the hotel are labeled "the tp." I took a picture so you'd believe me. Likewise everything in our hotel has "the" preceding it. For instance: the store, the cafe, the bar, etc.
Ok, we'll chat later. I feel a nap coming on because I have declared that I am NOT going outdoors as long as it's daylight. We are back to hot desert here.

Love, Ramsey

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hash House a Go Go

One, I am posting this from my phone. So A, I feel so technologically literate and B, if things are looking wonky, blame the iPhone.

Pictures are out if order and as follows:
Insane beverage menu at the Hash House. Breakfast on steroids I'm telling you. Me and the sissy...starving. Me with a signed pic of my friend Martha. Say what you will about her, she taught me most things I know about being domestic. Our ride to breakfast. Unfortunately, no white doves. If you haven't seen 21 Jump Street, you won't get that. If you have seen it, don't judge me for thinking it's hilarious...just because I would never say or do it doesn't make it not funny. Finally, our breakfast. A shining castle of chicken and waffles. Complete with a tower of rosemary and a most if maple syrup. Sinful.
That's all for now.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rain in the desert

It was overcast today. Hallelujah. I don't know how anyone can live in this heat and I'm from Florida. Also it rained. Which I presume is quite rare, seeing as it's the desert and all. That's really all I've got about the weather, but here is a little unloading of semi-decent iPhone pictures from the last day or so, probably out of order. In fact, we could make it a bit of a game. Match the photo with the caption. I know, I'm so the definition of fun.

The Caesar's Palace mall, which was awesome in its cheesiness. Also, Caesar did nit really live there. The Venetian hotel, where we bought delicious gelato and watched people take gondola rides down the fake mini river and which also had an awesome ceiling. Parasols hanging from the ceiling at the Wynn. Which also has a ferrari store. Such a thing. Me and sissy outside he House of Blues where we ate breakfast this morning. Mom and I before the show last night. It was Motown. Us again preparing to shop at a two-story forever21. Humongous. Really, such I have never seen. And me bundled up ridiculously in the room because I got so cold in the rain goof in and out of the buildings. And I'm a wimp.

Ok, that's all.