Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dusty and I had a delicious lunch at Newks, which has practically the best salads ever. And then it was raining. Glorious, real, hard, cold rain which I had really missed. So naturally, we had to try out a new ice cream parlor, called Lofty Pursuits, which has a 20% discount for rainy days. The menu was like 10 pages of just ice cream and soda fountain concoctions. I got the whoopie pie ice cream, but next time I am definitely getting the marshmallow dream sundae. Definitely. Plus they had soda jerks in authentic hats, a vintage yoyo collection, and a carnival mirror. Yes. Our next stop was My Favorite Books, a used bookstore next door. Dusty studied architecture, while I looked up how to cook vegetarian. Because I'm considering cooking sans meat (but only partially) in the name of health. But don't tell Dusty that yet. He's a meat and potatoes guy. The biggest news is that we picked out a new puppy for Dusty. A lab. We haven't made a final decision on a name. Dusty's vote is on Dodge. I'm still on the fence. Qualification: name must be tough.

It was a nice day. And now it makes me sad that it's Monday.

Have a lovely week!



ChinkyGirLMeL said...

whoopie pie ice cream? marshmallow dream sundae? Somebody please get me some of that yumminess! I've been on the search for a vegetarian cookbook. Future mister is having problems with his cholesterol and some of other stuff and the doctors said for the meantime he can only have fish, fruits and veggies. Poor guy.

My Life as Whitney said...

You both are way too adorable! So glad you had a fabulous weekend!

Faith said...

What an awesome weekend! Anything that involves ice cream makes for an amazing weekend!

Have a great week!

Elise said...

Girl! Veggie is the way to go! I only have meat on RARE occasions, like a dinner party where I don't want to be rude, or while we were in Africa and didn't have a choice.. But usually you can eat around it. Fruits and veggies, lentils and rice. What's better?