Monday, July 16, 2012

Just work




Top: c/o Karen Kane, Sweater: 2F21, Skirt: UO, Shoes: Old Navy, Watch: c/o Mimi's
Sorry for the MIAness this past week.  I promise you missed nothing.  Mostly I just went door-to-door for my job.  Came across a bunch of scary-looking dogs and a few friendly ones.  Decided we really should start carrying treats to these places.  Washed my really sexy yellow campaign t-shirt like a bajillion times.  Stole Dusty's so I wouldn't have to wash mine anymore.  Spilled ketchup on said t-shirt which was mistaken for blood and which I really should have played up and made into a fantastic story.  Ran up to doors and shoved pamphlets into them and then sprinted back to the car and yelled, "go, go, go" like I had just robbed a bank.  Never did a thing with my hair.  Or really wore makeup for that matter.  Got rained on.  Sweated like a pig.  Cheered last Friday when I fiiinally didn't have to wear my t-shirt anymore.  I put the "ex" in exciting.
But the weekend was oh so nice.  And the grubbin' fantastic.  Saturday night we discovered a fantastic new show called Alaska: The Last Frontier when I was trying to rent a movie on the tele and now we are hooked.  And Dusty wants to move to Alaska.  Mom and I went shopping and ate lunch at a cute little hole-in-the-wall called Paisley Cafe, which had a really great Brie and Apple sammy, and got cupcakes from our favorite cupcake joint, Lucy and Leo's.  Red to the Velvet.  Yum.  We got some lovely little rain.  But not quite enough.  And then Dusty cooked a delish meal for everyone last night and we all ate banana bread pudding.  The end.  And now it is Monday.  And I wish I had some bread pudding (Dusty, I'm jealous that you have the whole pan!).  And I am ready for bed.


Amanda said...

Wow. You were crazy buys!! Uggh, I hate going door-to-door for stuff. Talking to strangers can be a scary experience! haha


Michelle said...

love that skirt, lady! almost bought a similar one :)

TaraMixandMatch said...

I love your bright much fun!

I'm Sydney. said...

Hahah when you said you were screaming like you robbed a bank I died. That was wonderful!
And I'm liking that green skirt :)

Anonymous said...

How cute are you? Just found your blog on pinterest! Love, I say, love!

Unknown said...

that skirt is adorable!