Friday, July 6, 2012

In an airport

These are the new shoes that I bought at Urban Outfitters yesterday. I really like the color, but I won't lie...they hurt my feet. We have an hour until our flight so I'll probably find some gummy worms for the plane and then try not to eat them all before takeoff. I have a problem with those things. Today seems pretty slow, so people watching isn't that great. Maybe I'll bury myself in my sweater and take a little pre-plane nap. Missing Dusty dear very much. And the doggies, which he is so kindly caring for. Anyways, be back soon(ish). Happy Friday!

Love, Ramsey


Faith said...

Cute sandals. Sucks that they hurt!

I'm the same with gummy worms. I eat them all in one sitting.

Michelle said...

Damn it, those are cute and I am always looking for cute flats, sucks to hear they hurt!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Too bad the shoes hurt, they are cute!

Michelle said...

aw! you'll be back with your boy soon :)

kaylee said...

I have a huge sized bag of gummy worms! I was so happy to find it because I normally only see huge bags that size during Halloween! Needless to say a week later & I am already at the bottom. The shoes are super cute... I hate when shoes hurt but sometimes they're cute enough they're worth it!