Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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Dress: F21, Shoes: Plato's Closet, Necklace/Bracelet: c/o Sparkle, Clutch: Target
I absolutely meant to blog yesterday.  Monday I gave myself a break, what with it being the first day of school and all, but yesterday, I was at it.  But I forgot.  I told Dusty I was going to and he never reminded me, so we'll just say it was his fault, no?  Although that would be mean seeing as he watched a movie and passed out right after dinner.
In all honesty, this is what I wore for the first day of school, but these pictures were taken last week.  It was a re-wear.  Usually I don't do these so close to each other, but it was the first day, I had some serious business to tend to and I needed to look like a serious law student.  If this doesn't scream serious law student, I don't know what does.  Also, I am in love with this dress.  I'm not sure if it is the gold snazzy print or the fact that I got it for $11 (that's eleven dollars) at Forever 21 on sale the other day.  Just one, hanging on the end of the rack, in my size.  I think I even heard angel harps over the semi-stale Rihanna music playing in the background.  Even the sales lady was impressed.  And you know when you've impressed the sales lady, you have really got yourself a steal. 
So anywho, wish me luck with this back to school thing.  My throat is feeling a little sore.  I don't know if I'm getting sick or if my body is just repulsed by the idea of hanging out in classrooms and focusing on professors and reading books not for pleasure (which let's be honest, I don't even read them for pleasure anymore).  Whatever it is, I'm just hoping my immune system can kick it in the booty before it turns me into even more of a grumpy bear.
Aaannd, that's all for now.  See you tomorrow.  If I don't forget.  Which I won't.  Hopefully.


Alissa said...

Good luck back to school! I started on Monday this week and even though I am a senior, I felt weird!

Aleksandra Couture said...

Pretty outfit

Anonymous said...

Oh you should get Dusty an agenda or something, lol. You look very sophisticated and classy in that dress, your hair is gorge!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Anonymous said...

That dress is lovely and a good deal!


Amanda said...

ohmygoodness i'm in love with this outfit!!!!!!! sooooo sophisticated! :)


Cambron said...

I'm totally impressed by this $11 steal. Good luck with school this year! Hope to see some Seminole inspired outfits soon!!!