Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colorful things





Jacket: Gift from mom-local boutique (Karla's Closet), Shirt: F21, Belt: Gap, Pants: J. Crew, Socks: Target, Shoes: c/o Frock Candy, Headband: c/o Whimsical Headbands

Hello sweet things. It is late. As in midnight, which is practically 4 am as far as I am concerned and my eyes reached the point of burning/ my eyeballs out about four hours ago. Why haven't I put my glasses on yet? Have you ever noticed how we do crazy junk like that? Like when I'm laying in bed awake, knowing I have to use the bathroom and completely unable to return to sleep, but refuse to get up until it reaches the point of now or wet the bed before I do anything about it. Yeah. Just like that. If you are not one of those people, please kindly keep your comments to yourself.

I've been in project mode for the last few days, as I decided it was time for my bedroom to receive an update. It was fine and all, but I was just craving some color. In my mind, winter should end and spring should begin as soon as the Christmas tree is boxed and put away. Bring on the lavender and flowers baby. And so in my room, it is now spring. As declared by me. And the flaming wad of color now covering my walls. Meh. That was covering my walls. I just heard a picture frame bite the dust in there. Should have bought the Command hangers after all. Here's hoping none of it will choose to take a tumble onto my sleeping head tonight. That's one point for the couch.

Okay, I'm going to go scrape the glued-on contacts from my eyes and survey the damage in the bedroom. But I'll leave you with this one dingy, terribly lit, wrinkly photo of the springing off point of the room. I'll show more when it's fully completed and you can wait your little buns with baited breath until that point rolls around.

Happy "spring"/winter. I hope color has found you wherever you are!





Gentri said...

I love it. :) Can't wait to see more!! And I TOTALLY know the can't get out of bed until I almost have an accident feeling. hahaha!

Gentri said...

OH! And I LOVE your outfit! I want to wear skinnies w/ socks and heels!

Sarah said...

You're face is too pretty! I love your shoes!
That is the cutest bed spread! I love the home-y and cabin-like feel it gives:}

Anonymous said...

Purrrty quilt! I'm with you on the now that Christmas is over, bring on springtime! :) Btw you look lovely as usual!


ashley in wonderland said...

Love those shoes so much! What kind of jeans from jcrew are those? I love the wash.

ashley in wonderland said...

Love those shoes so much! What kind of jeans from jcrew are those? I love the wash.

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

i love that messy hairstyle.
your style is so carefree and effortless. beautiful<3

xoxo katlin

Ashley Rae said...

You are still as adorable as ever, Ramsey girl! I haven't been around for awhile but I'm glad to be back and catch up on your posts.
Love the socks/tights under the jeans and that quilt is gorgeous.


TaraMixandMatch said...

Awesome jacket! Love the print!

Rachel said...

What a fun jacket!

Southern Charm said...

Always waiting till the last second to get out of bed! hehe. Love the socks with wedges, so bold! I could never do it but you look adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of the spring colors, I agree and wish spring started as soon as the tree is down.

Anonymous said...

How fabulous is that jacket?!


Krista Ahlgrim said...

im glad someone else feels my pain about contacts!! haha You wait just a littleeeee too long to take them out and its an entire project in itself to get those suckers off your eyeballs.
Happy Spring! Love your Writing, so refreshing:)

Anonymous said...

Oh that jacket is fantastic! Your mom sure knows how to make you happy!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Casey said...

I love your jacket and how it hangs down and swings around a little. Perfectly flirty and cute as a print jacket should! Happy Friday :)

Gaby said...

I love your bed, the quilt is gorgeous! Yay spring!

Kristen said...

Ramz!!! I miss you and your cute little face! Blog more! Law school be damned! Or dammed! Or jammed with logs in a beaver architect fashion! Or however you spell it!

craftydiva said...

Aww I love your quilt! So cute!

Laura said...

I love your shoes!! They are so cute :) Good luck with all the projects!