Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Florida you silly thing!








Pants: Gift from Mom from a local boutique (Brooke and Nicole), Shirt: Gift/Wet Seal, Shoes: Nine West, Scarf: Old Navy, Belt: c/o Sparkle, Jewelry: F21, Premier

Yup, so this week we had a low of 18 and a high hitting almost 80. No need for so much as a jacket yesterday. I swear I don't think we've ever had such nuttiness as far as I recall.

Enough about the weather. I know, I tend to revert to small talk about weather whenever I don't know what to say. And I'm sure you are all thinking to yourselves how bad you wish you knew me in real life right now. We could sip hot beverages and chat about the weather all day long. I am going to be so good at being old by the time I get there.

Moving on. Tomorrow marks day one of semester two and I won't lie, I'm dreading it like the plague. To make matters better, I haven't gotten my books yet, so I get to go to school double early to spend some quality time in the library before class. BUT. In spite of all that pleasantness, let's focus on the fact that today is Sunday. And there is no school. And there is the promise of giving myself a manicure. And finally getting the pictures to hang their stinking little selves on my wall and NOT fall down. And picking out something fabulous {ideas, thoughts, inspiration, please?} to wear tomorrow. And going to the grocery to get some lunch-packing supplies. {I'm a freak who loves going to the grocery store, I know.} And we are going to watch Alice and Wonderland and take notes for helping plan my sissy's Matter Hatter-themed prom. And I am going to finally wash my overdue hair and give it a curl job. And I am going to pick out the most amazing stinking notebooks to make going to class this semester a little less painful.

Ok. I think that's enough counteracting goodness to make me feel a little better. Yay for Sundays, right? I hope yours is full of enough wonderous Sundayness to get you through Monday. Heck, I hope your Monday is wonderful too!




Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Good luck in school. This outfit is adorable and comfy!

Unknown said...

The belt is what makes it! LOVE.

Have a great Sunday, and go give yourself a mani/pedi :)


Unknown said...

Love this outfit - those pants are amazing!

Happy Sunday & Monday to you too! :)


Mrsdisario said...

I love the pants! I was happy we hit the 60 s last week in colorado!


Kristen said...

i loooovee the scarf!!!!!!

Laynah said...

Do you know that you look perfect, um, every single day of your life?
I could never pull that outfit off.

Southern California is pretty much experiencing the same craziness. This time last year was snowy in some areas and now it's 70-80 every day! We had a cool fall and now it feels like spring. Winter just got skipped right over.

Gentri said...

That is crazy weather! I'd talk about it too. haha! Makes me wonder why I'm not still living in FL... LOOOVING your pants!

Oh, and this may or may not interest you. But I heard something about school books the other day. You can buy them for your iPad, Kindle, whatever, for WAY cheaper than buying them in real life. Maybe it's even renting them for the semester then the magic internet takes them away when you're done. SO you carry around a cool and lightweight device and pay a fraction of the price for books! I could be WAY off though...

The Braided Bandit said...

You look adorable! Love the outfit and the yellow peeling paint. I am a sucker for the "distressed" look in buildings! Good luck with your semester!
xo Hannah

Melissa Anne said...


I've missed you! I can't blame you though, I've been indulging in my christmas break too. Alas, I know how you feel... university resumes for me tomorrow as well, and it's sufficient to say I'm DREADING it. But, let's paint our nails and get through it?

xo. Little Miss

sara soda said...

Oh, school is so yucky! My classes don't start til Wednesday though, so I get a whole two more days of reveling in not-school before the school starts.
Good luck in your classes!
And I love your pants. They remind me of Aladdin and I love it.
And washing hair is suuuuuper overrated. You can totally go another day.

April said...

The weather's been a little cray here, too. I wish it'd make up its mind!
Hey, I love grocery shopping, too! Hope you had a great weekend!

Katie said...

Good luck with the start of your semester!

Katie Aman said...

Those pants. Are fabulous. I'm pretty sure only you could wear them-but they look so great! Makes me wish for summer in the middle of January!

Anonymous said...

Very 70's inspired. Those pants look great on you :)

Anonymous said...

I went back to school last week, I sooo understand the dread of going back haha. A fab outfit will definitely help the day out :)

Anonymous said...

Like a gorgeous modern hippy - those pants - are just fantastic!

Good luck with the second semester!
I just started mine last week, and already buried in work.


Annie said...

Gotta love Sundays! You look so cute in this outfit...that scarf is amazing :)

The Other Side of Gray

casey said...

Okay you look CHIC and cozy!! Perfect Sunday outfit :) Have a great day!

Anja said...

well, aren't those the most amazing pants I have ever seen!? Wow, they look so cool. Amazing outfit and hope you managed your first day ok! Good luck with the new semester!!!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely fabulous in those pants!

I started day one of semester two yesterday. YUCK. Good luck.


BryanaEllen said...

Pretty sure I could never rock those pants, but they look adorable on you!

hannahstiff said...

You look amazing! I think only skinny minnies can pull of these pants. You look great! XO

real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

Michelle and Kristina said...

Great look, I have been searching for pants like those. Not sure if I can pull them off as well as you though :)

MK Style Diaries

Unknown said...

so dang cute! I LOOOOVE those pants!


p.s. come check out my THEIT bag giveaway! I think you'd really like it!

madison avenue said...

love. those. pants!!!!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite outfits of yours. Super adorable!

Isabella Kiss said...

this is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours too! too cute, ramsey! and those pants look deliciously cozy!

6 o'clock Inspiration said...

OMG i cant get over this outfit those pants are amazing I've been looking for pants just like those and the scarf and belt just beautiful love it all!!

Nuha said...

absolutely love these pants!!

Colleen said...

I love this outfit. It's so elegant.

Also all through school I hated Sundays. Granted you didn't have school that day but you just knew you had a full week ahead of you. So it was my least favorite day of the week.