Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does anyone have a donut pan?




Skirt, sweater, and belt: F21, Shirt: NY and Co., Vest: Belk, Scarf: Loft (gift), Shoes: Gift, Socks and tights: Target, Bag: Chanel, Bow: DIY, Bracelets: F21, Premier, Gift

I have been surfing for party ideas for an upcoming shower and I have fallen in mad infatuation with the idea of baking homemade donuts. Ironically, I'm simultaniously trying to up my intake of the healthy and down the sugary sweet, greasy stuff. Surely if they are baked, they are not as bad as fried, no? I just think the possibilities of boxed cake mix-turned-donuts are wide open. As in awesome. Especially the possibility of apple cider donuts in 15 minutes. Cold weather makes me want to down a truckload of those suckers. Me and cake donuts are like this (insert twisted finger thingy)...cakey, just enough sweet, old-fashioned goodness. So there. Do any of you own one of these most miraculous contraptions? And while I'm asking questions, is it "donut" or "doughnut"? I've never been able to tease that one out. Dunkin' Donuts leaves out the unnecessary "ugh" so I'm going with that. Poop on toast, all of this donut/doughnut talk is making me want something sweet. And some milk. And a nap. You know what they say about giving a procrastinating law student a donut.

Happy Wednesday!




Bethany said...

I adore your look of wearing the socks over the tights, I mean I seriously ADORE it.

That said, I would never have the guts to wear it outside of the house! Especially to law school!

You look super amazing, I wish I was as brave as you! :)

Urban Nester said...

I love this post. You are seriously the cutest, and you're stories always make me laugh out loud!


LyddieGal said...

homemade donuts! that sounds wonderful.
Love your furry cowl, so fun.

Chic on the Cheap

Katie said...

I want a donut pan too! I keep "pinning" all kinds of donut recipes, but have no way of making them without the pan!!

Camille said...

Baby cakes brand (kohl's) makes a mini donut, cake pop, pie pop and mini cup cake makers. They are about $25. I saw some at JC Penney too! I love the faux fur, darling!

Stephanie said...

I've been dying to try these baked doughnuts that I found on Pinterest! PLUS you don't need a doughnut pan! : )

Here's the link:

Cassi said...

I have a silicone doughnut mold and I love it. My favorite right now is made with pumpkin and sweet potato puree. Sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on top and dip in some sweet cream. Yum! I'll have to try apple cider ones next- those sound delish!

Unknown said...

love the mustard colors! and that bow is adorable.


MissKait said...

my goodness why do you always look so cute.
sooo jealous.
and i love this look

xoxo katlin

Anonymous said...

So is the upcoming shower a baby or bridal? Sounds like fun and I've pretty much called it donut for like my whole life so hopefully I'm not totally wrong. :) You look gorgeous btw!


Ann said...

They sell pans for mini-donuts at Bed, Bath, and Beyond :-)

casey said...

You look so cute- I just can't get enough of mustard with grey...I tried to challenge myself by pairing mustard with navy yesterday, but then missed the grey.

Anyways! My friend is a master donut baker, and she swears by this cookbook by Babycakes in Manhattan! Maybe that can give some inspiration for your lil par-tay!

Have a happy Thursday :)

stevie lynn said...

have access to a sewing machine? im in LOVE with these felt heart garlands from cotton & curls. they would be super cute as party decorations, especially in february!

ps. hi! im stephanie!
just starting out trying to get my daily blog going here!
and youre SUCH an inspiration! homework #1 inspired by you, wear a dress as a skirt haha i'll link back to you when i do!!

Chelsea said...

Crate and Barrel makes an awesome mini and regular sized doughnut pan (btw both spellings are considered correct) for like 8 bucks :)