Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Want to Know What Love Is

Sporting my new Christmas gifts today! YAAY for my mom being so good at picking out clothes for me!!!
Infinity Scarf: Charolette Russe, Sweater: NY and Co., Skirt: {new} F21, Tights: American Eagle, Shoes{completely love them} Shoe Station, Ring: F21, Belt: borrowed, Earrings: flirties

I don't know if I was just really feeling really romantic or something today or if it's that stores just kind of jump into Valentines Day before they can even put their Christmas decorations away, but I was just leanin' towards pink today with a little bit of animal print. I think Cutter liked the look. He gets really curious about the whole camera thing. So I decided he could be in one. Diva.

So, surprise surprise...we went shopping again today. After work, of course. I think I must have spent an hour and 1/2 in Forever 21. I could pretty much live there. I think they would frown on that, but I would be wonderfully dressed every day and I could just pop into MAC next door and have them do my makeup and I'd be all set. I am slightly disfunctional some days in the arena of makeup. Some days it appears that I have a black I usually stick to simple stuff. Thank goodness they haven't offered me a job. I would spend my whole paycheck on merchandise. Fortunately, I escaped with only a button up, a new pencil skirt, and a cute pair of shoes that I will model for you soon. Well, as soon as it gets a little warmer. Probably for like three days straight because I tend to get all excited about new clothes and not take them off. Well maybe to wash. I like to keep things sanitary around here sometimes.

Life is pretty slow around here but I like it. So I apologise if I begin to sound like a broken record. Don't worry though. Soon I will have school to complain about. Oh, the possibilities. On a more positive note, a miracle was just worked on my final grades. That was the only time I have ever checked my Blackboard with a smile on my face. I could seriously dance right now. But I won't because it's really cold and I am all snuggie in my blankie and such and wouldn't want to disrupt anything. I was really depressed with my grade and I just found out that the prof had messed up with the finals. Whew...I will try to contain myself.

Much love to you you all!



Abby said...

Fab look for you!!!

Elle said...

once again, i absolutely love this outfit! you look so pulled-together and those pink legs are just perfect! lovely lovely lovely.

also, i'm notoriously bad with make-up, too. anything more complicated than eyeliner and mascara and i look like i've been in a car wreck :)

Ashley J said...

Thank you, thank you for posting a comment on my blog! I love your cute style and I am your newest follower!!!!


Ashley J said...

Those shoes are amazing....very romantic looking outfit you are rocking!!!!

Angela said...

Pretty outfit! You're rocking the colored tights! I LOVE your dog! My golden does the same thing when I try to take pics. :)

Better Than A Milk Mustache

katherine said...

THOSE SHOES!! i die. i want them. you are soo cute :)

m_b said...


Kate said...

Oh my, I love your hair back in this gorgeous, side-swept bun. You look beautiful!