Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Several Nuggets of Craftiness

For you lovely last minute Christmas folks. I say last minute to all of you productive ones...for me and my procrastinating comrades, this is still way early to be finished. So anyway, I have several morsels of crafty brilliance to share with you today. I feel so productive and energetic, but maybe that's just all the coffee.
So first off, we have wrapping. I mean, these aren't exactly rocket science or anything (but if you are interested in that let me know and I'll do a feature sometime) but they are 1. Cuter than a standard, run-of-the-mill, stick-on gift tag and crumpled bow 2. Cheap...what on here isn' student, remember? 3. Quick (also very important because remember kids, those lovely wrapped presents under your sparkling tree will be torn to shreds in 3 seconds flat on Christmas morn no matter how much you'd like to deny it). Cynical? A little. True? Yes.
Kraft paper. It is cheap and it makes everything look uniform, beautiful, but not fussy, and high end. It also reminds me of the classic "brown paper packages tied up with string". Tired of the Sound of Music references yet? Thought so.
Ok, to some of you professional craftapreneurs out there, this may be elementary, but to the novices, I present scrapbook paper. I bought a book of it at Wally World (Translation: Wal-Mart for you newbies) for 5 buckaroos and I use it for everything EVERYTHING. I mean really, I ran out of TP (toilet paper) this morning and...I kid, because that would be gross. Really. I mean come on.... Moving on, you can make cute, simple personal tags with a simple square or tag shape if you really wanna get fancy schmancy. I like to add a smaller shape from white card stock and punch a little hole through both, no sticky device needed.
Alternative to store bought bows. You do not have to spend an hour wrapping each present to have a beautiful array of lovelies under your tree, just tie on a quicky ribbon and I assure you, it looks SO much more original than a sticky bow. That being said, if you do use sticky bows, the bow police will not be out hunting you down and your gifts will still be appreciated just as much. (Read: DO NOT feel bad for not wrapping each gift with personality, this is a choice not a necessity). See earlier post on the stresses of a perfect Christmas.

Continuing on, I made these precious jars for my Mamaw and great Aunt with a few simple "ingredients" from Dollar General, perhaps my new favorite store. I live in a really small town by the way, before you go thinking I'm really lame. I say this as if it excuses me or something. The jars were $2, the candy was $3, chalk, ribbon, and chalkboard spray paint: from my stash. Not bad for $10 total for two. I simply taped off the shape I wanted and taped on paper to protect the rest of the jar. Then, I broke every spray paint rule in the book as I took the jars outside and sprayed them. In my good boots. In the FREEZING (literally) cold, with (almost) 50 mph winds. So beat me...they turned out fine.

And finally, more "Office Frosting" kits. I just had to share all the juicy details with you guys because you appreciate them (or so I'd like to think) and because these were a labor of love...but I do love them, nothing steals my heart like a cute scrapbook paper-embellished journal and clipboard set. Well maybe D boy, but nothing else. Really.

In case you are new and missed these last time around, first off: Hi, I'm Ramsey. Please take the time to leave a comment introducing yourself. Otherwise this conversation would be awkward because I wouldn't know if you were actually listening, which always ends in the conversation just gradually turning into a mumble and then trailing off, which I hate. Also, you can see the how-to post here.
So, as if this post weren't already long enough, you might as well hear me out on this, you've made it this far. I will leave you with an analysis of why I may never again leave my small town to go Christmas shopping. Ever. Again. The other day, I took a trip to the unpretentious establishment commonly known as Wal-Mart. However, unbeknown to me, this happened to be the absolute largest Wal-Mart probably in the entire South (and that's sayin' something...we Southerners like our Wal-Mart). Well the store was about 1/2 mile wide and took five whole minutes to the math, I'm a fast walker. I assure the store had everything a Wal-Mart could ever offer, it was just so big I couldn't find any of it. I got lost. At that moment, I decided that the remainder of my Christmas shopping would be performed at my beloved Dollar General and from the comfort of my recliner while wrapped in a Snuggie and sipping a cup of hot cider. For those of you that read regularly, (Hi again!) yes, I am always sipping something. If you are wondering, yes, I spend ALL day running back and forth to the bathroom. On days when I don't feel like working out, I just up my water intake and then make up for the lack of gym motivation by running back and forth doing "toilet squats". TMI? I thought it might be.
Speaking of, where is that hot cider now?
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Elle said...

i am SO using those wrapping tips this year. i am a notoriously horrible wrapper. i also love that everything is CHEAP :)