Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh there's no Place Like Home...

For Christmas Eve...

and Christmas morning too!

We had an amazing Christmas with all of our family...both furry and hairless. The only bad part is the inevitable return to the real world in just a few days time. Why is it that cold is festive up until Christmas and then after, it's just cold...and miserable? Ok, well to be fair, yesterday it was still fun but only because it snowed. Well actually, it flurried. Is that a word? Flurried? We Floridians know not of such. That was really exciting for us. So much so that we stood outside in our meager Floridian winter garb in 30 degree weather just so we could watch it fall. For about five minutes. Then we got cold. Don't laugh. Or do, because it is rather funny. And sad.

Anywho, I got completely spoiled beyond belief this year with an INCREDIBLE new Canon speedlight!!!!! a new Canon camera bag (I feel so professional now!), clothes, shoes, new makeup and brushes that I needed incredibly bad bad bad and lots of other wonderful amazingness. I feel so loved by all of my wonderful family and of course my honey...who you can see sporting his new suit above. Isn't he a hottie?!?! We thought he could use some professional attire for his upcoming interviews with graduation approaching and friends getting married and such.

As you can see, we ate well. Two fried turkeys in two days, party food, sticky buns, stuffing coming out of our ears. But not really, because that would be gross. Now, my only problem is that I have spent the last four (plus) days eating and sleeping and now all I want to do is eat and sleep. That's attractive, right?
Now I will sign off to go drink apple cider and devour my new Southern Living that I got in the mail today and pretend that I do not actually have to return to work and school shortly. You should do the same.


Debber-doo said...

Omg \osh ur cousin the brunette looks like Amy from the Secret Life! LOL