Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adorable Rosette Headband: $0

And what could be better than cute and free?
So, if you are like me, and your gift list falls somewhere shy of being checked off, follow me this week as I post some seriously easy, fast and CHEAP Christmas gifts that you can make. By easy and cheap, I mean that you can find most of the supplies needed either in your stash or at the $ store...again, I'm a classy girl, I shop at the $ store and everything!

For the rolled rosette headbands, you will need two long strips of fabric, honestly, it doesn't matter how wide but I'd eyeball about an inch and 1/2. The length really depends on how big you want your rosette. Also, if you find that your flower isn't big enough, you can just add another strip of fabric to it.

Use your trusty hot glue gun buddy friend to tuck the edges of the fabric under like so on both sides:

Now take your little strip and start twisting into a swirly, gluing as you go. Just make sure you don't get glue on the top of your flower, as lovely as that would look! Again, no rhyme or reason to this...great thing to do while you watch that reality show on T.V. that you feel guilty about but can't tear your eyes away from.
Here is my finished rosette from the front:

And the back:
Now what 'cha wanna do is take a strip of elastic long enough to fit around your head and dye it in tea. By this I mean to literally place your elastic in hot (uber strong) tea and steep it until it reaches the desired color...just not so snowy white, as much as we love snow. Don't use coffee for this step...consider yourself warned that if you do, you will walk around all day smelling like a Starbucks barista.

Sew together the ends of your elastic and hot glue (here's my best friend again...thanks for the burns today!) the rosettes over the seam. On the underbellies of the flowers, hot glue a piece of fabric to secure rosettes to band and more importantly, to cover your hot gluey mess on the bottom :).
Alrighty folks, that's really all there is to it! Under 30 minutes? For sure. Can be made for cheap or fffrrreeee? Check and check. Perfect last minute gift? I certainly think so!

I added some cute "hair candy" tags to mine and dolled them all up in some lovely sacks which I will share later with some other wrapping ideas.

So, funny excerpt from my day, I got dressed this morning in a plaid flannel button up with a sweater over it {see above photos}. I was lovin' on the combo, it just looked so cozy...and the flannel is my absolute favorite!!! Seriously...I could (and may have) sleep/slept in the thing. So, I put on said cute outfit and take a peek in the mirror and staring back at me are the button snaps on the front pockets of my flannel through my sweater in the perfect "headlight" location as my sis would say. I couldn't, however sacrifice my look for something without apparent high beams, so I just added a blazer...which I wore Thank you cold Florida winter, for once you saved my outfit by making it possible to don a coat all day.
Word to the wise: Shirts with front pockets are hard to pair with sweaters.
Happy crafting guys!

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I love how it looks on you!

Elle said...

girl you are just three shades of adorable :) i love your blog!

Unknown said...

Wow this is so cute! I wish I had hair like yours! :)

Tanya Turi said...

Thank you for your super lovely comment on my blog! Yours is lovely :) New follower. YAH!