Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One of Those Days

Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft, Blouse: NY and Co., Jeans: Belk, Shoes: Shoe Station (Rocket Dog), Earrings: F21
So, welcome to the gates of my humble abode. Not really. Actually, we just trespassed our little heels right up to someone else's amazingly beautiful gates for this little photo shoot. Then we got scared because our ounce of rebel brevity ran out and we scooted said little heels right back to the car. If these are your gates. Thank you for A) not calling the police and B) keeping them so beautifully maintained. Nice landscaping. I felt like I had stepped into an Este Lauder ad. Except for the makeup because as previously stated, I do not appear to have been airbrushed daily by a professional. Although that would be really cool. Why can't my face be viewed through the lens of photoshop??? Instead, I just took pictures from a distance today to keep from having to edit out the third eye which is creeping up in the middle of my forehead. I'm pretty lazy like that most days...especially today, because it happened to be a particularly lazy one. For those of you that didn't follow that...I am breaking out. Oh the joys of my temperamental skin. Why I try to hide secrets just to blast the truth right out to you guys I don't know. I guess I'm just Abe.
While I'm being all honest and such, I will admit to you that I did not actually wear this outfit anywhere. Except to these lovely gates...and to my gma's for about five minutes. I had big intentions of taking it out on the town...but those fell through. So I think I will wear it for New Years Eve because it looks awful New Yearsy, don't you think? Sparkly, girly, and a little bit rocker with the new skinnies. Just don't tell anyone that it was previously worn, K? And Dusty, if you are reading this, just pretend you haven't seen it.
So tonight, Dusty (he informed me that he didn't like being called boyfriend as he was reading my blog the other night. He's always been supportive of the blog but just started reading Dusty it is...Dusty, if you are reading, Hi!...everybody say hi Dusty...altogether now...hi Dusty! Maybe I can convince him to share his thoughts someday.) and I ran some errands and then enjoyed a romantic dinner of nuggets, fries, and chili from Wendy's by the soft glow of the weather channel storm reports. Sometimes you just need those nights. Hope you enjoyed yours too!


Amanda Moury said...

LOVE your blog and your blog name! Happy to be your newest follower :)