Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Monday

This is my sad Monday face.

Dear Monday,

Don't take this the wrong way, but I am really not glad to see you. You see, we've never really gotten along so well. Today you happen to bring with you some time at the office and a day full of studying {insert disgusted sound here}. I wish you would kinda just go away and let Sunday come back so I can just sit and cuddle by a fire in my wonderful monkey pajama pants without a care in the world. Just promise me you will think about it. K?
P.S. You also have prevented me from donning my absolute favorite pair of vintage cowboy boots that I have lived in all weekend because they don't fit the office dress poo on you.
Dear favorite pair of vintage cowboy boots,
I am sorry about cheating on you a little today with my newer version, but you see, these are office friendly. I miss you and I promise to return to you soon!


JMay said...

I love how it's a "sad" pic yet you look so incredibly cute!