Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not Even a Freezing Day in Florida

Could interrupt the photo session we had planned for today. I am thrilled with these and thank you to my very talented mom for playing photographer! HA! Living proof that we actually do exist as a couple and not as two individuals who I crop and photoshop to appear as if they existed on the same side of the camera.

Ok, so the last one is definitely my fave, but I would love to hear your opinion.
So, the weather outside was positively frightful. The whole happy sunny vibe I was getting looking out the window was just a tease. It. was. FREEZING! And boyfriend was complaining away about the cold. Kiss it buster! I stood out there in my little short-sleeved shirt and tights while you were all wrapped up in khakis, a shirt, AAANNNDD a sweater. Photography is not for the weak at heart. Once again, I proved that I am tougher than I thought.
My closet was trying so hard this morning to produce something original for me to wear, unfortunately, I didn't tell it that we had to be to church at 10:30 to greet and when it found out, it got angry and just hurled a basic black skirt out to go with my favorite blue blouse. In addition, my hair didn't want to cooperate either (it doesn't like being on a time schedule), resulting in an overall frustrating morning. Likewise for the rest of the household. Someone could have videotaped it and slapped that baby on the tele and called it a sitcom.
Anywho, dearie managed to survive the cold, albeit with some bribing (whoever said bribes are only for kids hasn't tried it on a charm. every time) D, if you are reading this, I'm kidding, of course...right... He is now sleeping it off on the couch. Breathing pretty hard (I didn't tell them you were snoring sweetie, I wouldn't do that) and looking very cute. Modeling is hard work.
I hope you have all had amazing weekends! We are pretty psyched about gorging on some slow-grilled ribs tonight and lazing our booties around in sweats on the couch pretending that tomorrow isn't Monday. However, I am done D.O.N.E with the semester, which theoretically should free up some time for more crafting this week...happy dance (if I weren't too lazy to actually get up out of this chair).


Sarah Larsen said...

Ramsey,You are so dang sweet! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. You totally made my day! I love these pics. You guys look head over heels!

l. c said...

aww! you look so cheerful and in love in these pictures! they're so adorable! you totally pulled it off and i really couldn't tell that it was that cold out!

you've got some lovely photos on your blog! great work!! xo

archives vintage said...

oh my gosh, these are SO CUTE! you look so happy :)