Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

And well, I don't have one for today, so I guess I might as well get started writing this book.
I did not post yesterday. I had these really amazing intentions, you see. I had a post all planned out in my head for showcasing 5 ways to "do" the LBD (or the Little Black Dress). I even had my five combos all picked out and placed neatly on my bed and was all fixed in the first outfit when my sister ("roomie"/ photog stand-in) bailed on me. In short, I never photographed those lovely ideas. Bomb. So, to make myself feel better, I slid into one of my sissy's blouses that I "borrowed" as soon as she bailed (that's what sisters are for my friends) and took myself shopping. I even bought myself a new pair of shoes. I really am generous to myself sometimes. Unfortunately, the rainy-Friday-I'm-at-work-but-I-want-to-be-home-in-my-snuggie-on-the-couch blues hit today. Usually I love rainy days, but the combo of having to be at work on this dreary, rainy day and my always conveniently timed lady hormones just had me in a sour mood. I'm sorry to anyone who I may have offended today. Blame it on the hormones. Not that anyone I might have offended reads my blog, it's just easier to send out a broad apology into the abyss of the Internet than it is to suck up my pride and tell it to their face. I am a really big person, can't you tell?
I apologise for my sad little mood. It is sure to improve over the weekend. Nothing a thrifting trip tomorrow can't fix. AANNDD, I will be shooting alongside two amazing photographers at a wedding on Sunday, so yeah, I'm pretty much psyched.
I hope you are all doing well my dears. Hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow (or early Sunday morning, but you can sleep in and pretend I posted them on Saturday night).
Have a lovely weekend. And watch out for the mall. That place is crazy.


Kate said...

Hey, I am all for putting things out into the universe. Even when it's not directed to the person intended, it's a complete release!