Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's My Blog

And I can post what I want to. Like these pictures me and my BEAUTIFUL sissy took after church today.

So, this post is about my super amazing wonderfully intriguing you know you must leave a comment about it because I'm just so awesome life. Hehe.

I don't keep a journal, so for today (and since I haven't done anything craftier than edit my pictures recently) you get to read an insert from my lovely weekend.

My class got canceled on Friday {YAY!} which meant that I got to work a full day at the office instead of 'till 3:30 {boo!}. Jk, I love my job...I love my job...I love my job...this is what I kept telling myself on Friday anyhow. And then I went to check on my mom and sis who had been sick with the stomach flu and strep throat respectively and found that they were both still in bed and neither had eaten all day because they felt too poopy. So they got milk toast (don't ask) and mashed potatoes and a clean kitchen. BUT not much could interrupt my flow of warm fuzzies on Friday for several reasons:

1. Class is officially over...only exams left
2. I had 4 photo sessions on Saturday...which were fun...but uber tiring (uber is a word, don't trust me, go consult the Webster)
3. Christmastime is here
4. I got to play Christmas music in the office all day...I love you Pandora, and honestly, I think I owe you my sanity.
5. I got to enjoy the town Christmas festival on Friday night with honey buns (even though I won't post a picture of those specifically. Wouldn't want you to be jealous).

Here's the hun with his big red wagon. Name for the truck: courtesy of ME!
So anywho, we toasted our beginning to the weekend with a delicious meal of burgers and fries at one of our fave local restaurants. I realized that that was only my second meal of burger and fries this week. I was somewhat proud of myself, I really don't know how I made it. If you know me, which most of you don't (because the people who do get to hear this stuff and have lived it already, so they really don't see the point in reading it...even though it is much more entertaining when written...or at least I would like to think so) you would know that I could eat burgers and fries for every meal. Period. And I feel that this is the time in my life when I can get away with it because my metabolism is really high and my jeans still fit, so I fully intend to live it up.
I just realized that I wrote an entire paragraph on burgers and fries. As you can see, I'm passionate about beef and potatoes and I have an extremely unrefined pallet. Moving on, Saturday morning was filled with three mini photo sessions at a local Christmas tree farm. Cute kids, bad moods. Thank goodness for lollipops...couldn't have survived without them. Seriously, they are the magic candy, I brought them out and tears turned to smiles faster than I could say "Do you want a lollipop?" Thanks mom! I promised the Christmas tree farm man that we would be back to cut down a tree that afternoon but that didn't happen. Honey buns {see above picture} was feeling puny because he worked his tush off 'till 3:30 (don't worry, not really, it's still there) and then went to cut firewood for us. My sweet little lumberjack, the measures he will go to for me to have a yummy fire crackling in the fireplace. So, needless to say, he was pooped and went home for a nap. I also had a couple's Christmas card session on Saturday afternoon which took longer than I expected and included two extremely large dogs which we tried to corral into the pictures. I assure you Christmas tree farm man, we will be back to get a tree from you!
We enjoyed dinner out with some good friends on Saturday night. Genghis Grill is AMAZING! Even if it does make my tummy hurt before I can even finish my pain, no gain right? Health gurus, you can slap my hand for this one...I know. AAANNNDD deary's camera broke...silly Nikon coolpix...your pics are only cool when the camera is willing to turn on. So poopers, we have no pictures from last night. Friend, please send me some of yours because I would really like them. It's sad, I know, but I have no pictures of me and hunny because I am always behind the camera and I've said it before, but I don't want to look back twenty years from now and wonder what I looked like at twenty because I have no photo documentation of it. I am making a movement to change that. Help motivate me. Please!

On another note, I have noticed a slight wrinkle in my forehead right between my eyes. I don't know if it is from all the picture taking or what, but I am worried. Mr. tells me there is nothing to worry about, he has crows feet. But he is 26, not 20, and it looks more distinguished on a man.

So, to end the longest post in the history of ever with another tidbit that I am sure matters far less to you than it does to me (diary remember?). Today has been pretty awesome so far. First, the most amazing thing eva happened in church this morning (ok, so not really, but still pretty awesome). The preacher sat down after giving part of his sermon and the pianist started playing a song and then out of nowhere comes the most amazing voice I have ever heard and suddenly this young guy in sweat pants and a hoodie stands up in the congregation and makes his way down the aisle singing opera...completely incredible and completely unexpected...awesome. Secondly, I got some of this

at the grocery store. I was out of mascara, I've been wanting to try this kind, and it was buy one get one. Triple score! Finally, I am enjoying an AMAZING cup of coffee with some of this...I only do flavored coffee around the holidays, so this is a major treat...YUM!

So, I think I am done. If you stuck with this, you should know that sometime in the very near future I intend to share some actual crafts, like my smores kits for Christmas, so keep watching!


Liesl said...

Cute blog, and I am loving the pictures of you and your sister!

Liesl :)

JMay said...

ADORABLE pics of you & your sissy. Oh & your man is super handsome :-)