Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gotta Love Her

So, today we had our office Christmas party (although it's not really just the office, it's actually more like courthouse, sheriff's office, courthouse annex, state attorney, public defender, etc. etc. I've been to this party for about the last four years and I still can't seem to figure out WHO gets the invite). See lovely picture of me and my dad above.
Anywho, I get home and begin to dig into my exam prep (which equals major stinkage) when my sissy walks in the door. Conversation goes as follows:
Sissy: {long stare} You look..........cute.....
Me: Thanks Had
Sissy: ......Why?
Basically, I didn't realize that ALL she's seen me wear this week are sweats. I promise sissy, I do wear nice clothes to work and class...pinky promise! Aparently she doesn't know that the exam studying dress code requires that you clad yourself in sweat pants, scarves, and wool socks (these are utterly necessary and you would be sorely breaking code to forget them). Or mabe it's just me who follows these guidelines. Anybody?

These are my Santa sweats by the way...I was feeling festive. back to studying. I have an exam at 7:30 am. No, that is not a typo. I believe the exam scheduler's identity remains anonymous for this very reason. That dude would have a bunch of angry college students gnashing their teeth at his door come tomorrow.