Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally Friday

First off, I went shopping with my mummy AAANNNNDD found the most perfect pair of brown boots that I am psyched about! Mom wanted to get me something that I really wanted for Christmas, so we went to pick them out together...and I love them! My mommy is definitely the BEST!!!
When we got home, boyfriend was waiting on me with Clear Care eye solution {My eyes were KILLING me at work ALL day...contacts stink} and a massive cinnamon bun that my sister and I devoured in about 3 seconds! He is really just so sweet. Sometimes it's the little things, the unromantic moments that are the most romantic. Like our first Christmas together. He gave me the stomach flu on Christmas eve before he knew he had it. I spent all night worshiping the porcelain god and the next morning he showed up white as a sheet, after having been through the same mess all night, to give me my Christmas present and bring me gobs of Gatorade because he didn't want to miss our first Christmas. I'm pretty sure I really love that guy!
P.S.: Our pizza and movie night was awesome...even if we only lasted about 20 minutes into the movie.

Cutter didn't make it for very long either.

Three cheers for Fridays!!!