Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Button-up and sweater: Old Navy, Pants: c/o Karen Kane, Shoes: Keds, Shoe Laces: Payless, Belt: Gap, Jewelry: F21, T and Co., Movado, Bag: Gucci hand-me-down

Because you asked...and I'm a bit of a stinker when it comes to answering your questions promptly, here is a compilation of questions from you to me.

How do I do the "bump hair" and the big bun?

Tease, tease, tease. And don't be afraid to tease some more. The bun: Put your hair in a nice, high and tight pony and spray down those little fly-aways with your fave hairspray. Now tease the pony in sections until it is mega big and wrap it into a bun. Pin with bobbies and spray. It's that easy. Which is why it's my go-to for dirty hair days when I have approximately zero minutes to get ready. The Bump: Start teasing at the crown and go at it until you look like the instructor from an 80s work out video. Make sure to leave the front ear-to-ear section smooth. Now pin it half back and wrap the long part into a bun. Add a headband if you'd like!

Am I engaged?

Nope, but if i was, you'd be among the first to know. And the blog would probably be flooded with wedding planning goodness.

How many outfits do I try on in the morning or do I pick out the night before?

Usually the night before. If I'm lucky. If not, it usually starts with one piece that I know I'm going to wear and then I kind of build from that. Sounds organized, but I assure you the process is appropriately messy. AKA, "who threw clothes all over my room?"

How do I describe my style?

Hmmm. J.Crew wanna-be? Preppy but with a little twist probably.

What are my fave places to shop?

F21, Old Navy, Gap, Plato's Closet. Wherever I can get cute clothes within my teeny budget. It's not so much about where you get the clothes. More about knowing how to style them. I love the quote my mom gave me, "someone with true style doesn't need labels to pull it together."

What are my wardrobe essentials and what do I consider to be wardrobe essentials in general?

My denim shirt. I wear it all the time and with everything. It is my go-to for those days when wardrobe inspiration escapes me. Actually button-ups in general are the most versitile items you can add to your closet. Wear 'em over, wear 'em under. Wear 'em 'till your man asks if you actually own anything other than button-ups any more. Then wear a hott little black dress to remind him that you do, in fact. ;) Cute jackets and otherwise layerable clothes. Layers have a way of making things just look pulled-together. I promise, learning the art can take an ordinary outfit to catalogue-worthy. Like Baaaammm! Heels. Also look good on everyone. They make your legs look longer, your rear look perkier, and they instantly add class to an outfit. Skinnies? Check. Skirts? Check. Shorts? Check. Really, try it. You will add elegance to ya-self and put that little "I know I'm hott and Immona strutt it." in your step. Yes, you can fit that much into a step.

What do I believe?

I am Christian and I believe in the Bible. I was raised in a small-town, Southern Methodist church. We partake in worship, prayer, and delicious pot lucks with more food than you could shake a stick at. ;)

What did I major in in undergrad?

Criminology and Political Science (double major) with a minor in Psychology

Why did I decide to go to law school?

That's a tough one. I just decided that I wanted to try it and here I am.

Is law school just like Legally Blonde?

Haha...I haven't seen that one in a while, but yes and no. It's not as dramatic. But yes, they do call on you and drill you just like that. I suppose all law schools are different.

Alrighty, th-th-that's all for now folks! And don't forget to check out the Emporium giveaway, running until Friday!




Holly said...

I love your neon green shoelaces...and your Legally Blonde law school answer, lol! :D

Kelly said...

I always like the unique twists you incorporate into your outfit. Today, I love the subtle pattern mixing :) You striped shirt is fab, too!


Gentri said...

Love the FAQ's! I've definitely wondered some of these things myself, so this was fun to get to know you better. :)

Savannah said...

Those shoes are the perfect touch to that outfit! I loved learning more about you. I'm still so impressed your going to law school. Walking by the law school made me feel overwhelmed :)

Lauren said...

You are such a lovely blogger! :)

Gaby said...

loved reading your faqs! and i like how you get dressed, that's pretty how much how i roll as well which is why i just spent the last hour picking up my clothes from all corners of the apartment :)

Lippylash said...

Ooh didn't know you are in law school, me too!!! and always love your big bun so nice to know how to make it!!

Anonymous said...

More reasons to love you adorable J. Crew wanna be! You totally made tennis look chic!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sweet Pea said...

Its nice to know a little more about you :)

jackie said...

haha i like the description you wrote of a small town methodist church. i love me some church potlucks :) and umm i can't wait until you're engaged. you probably can't wait either, but i am just in love with wedding planning goodness. i want to plan my own and everyone else's and then a thousand more on top of that.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the hair tips!! And thanks for sharing about Jesus :]

Unknown said...

totally in love with the electric shoe laces! such a cute idea!


Melissa said...

Your answer about being Methodist and having lots of pot lucks made me laugh. I was raised in the Methodist church (I attend a non-denominational one now) and we ALWAYS, always had food of some sort. Always. Methodists like food. :)

Isabella Kiss said...

Ramsey. I how you word thing. "We partake in worship, prayer, and delicious pot lucks" YOU ARE SO CUTE!

steffy said...

Hahaha, I'm so glad someone asked if you were engaged. I have frequently seen you wearing a lovely ring on your ring finger and wondered if I missed something, and felt kind of stupid if I had.

Allie said...

That is so neat that you are a Christian! I love those moments where you've known someone(or read their blog)for a while and then you find out they're something you didn't even really expect... like being a Christian;] Oh um btw, I'm a Christian, too *heehee*
ps i'm having a goal to get to 100 followers by Christmas... do you think you could stop by my blog and see what you think....? Thanks;)

Anonymous said...

Thanx for all the answers, I love to get to know the people I'm reading about and Great outfit, the shoelaces are fun!


'Tia said...


Jess said...

I love the neon laces in your sneakers.

Rin said...

Haha, I'm glad my question made you laugh. Twas the goal. So was using the word "twas" in a casual conversation.

Allie Emme said...

""someone with true style doesn't need labels to pull it together." SO TRUE. your mama is a smart lady :)
xx Allie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering our questions, Ramsey! Do you think you'll ever do a closet post? I think you do such a great job of remixing creatively, and as a girl with a small closet, I'd love to see how you organize what you've got to work with!

jessica said...

I love these FAQs! I can't believe you double majored with a minor, and now you're in law school! How on earth do you have time for blogging, girl? :) I'm just an undergrad accounting major and I blog maybe twice a week on a good week! haha