Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Risky Business






Shirt: Dusty's (Express Men), Shorts: l.e.i., Socks: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Vest: Belk, Shades: F21, Jewelry: T and Co., F21, Movado, Premier, c/o Mimi's, Bag: Vintage Gucci, Nails: Ulta (Wild Night), Lips: Ulta (Baby Doll Pink)

On two counts. One: This outfit totally made me want to do some floor sliding. Big button-up+tall socks+sunglasses makes you want to do that too, no? Maybe it's my gut telling me I should have stuck with Tom Cruise for my Halloween costume this year. Two: This shirt was stolen. Or maybe it was borrowed. I'm not sure what qualifies as stealing. I'm not taking Criminal Law yet. All of mine were dirty though, so Dusty's closet was the next logical extension. Plus: it was super comfy and it smelled nice.

By the way, go put some socks on and do a little slide across your floor. Like now. Promise it'll make ya feel better!



Gentri said...

I seriously love this outfit! I wish I could pull off the socks with shoes look, but I'm so short. :P

Laura said...

Hahaha oh risky business. Loving the vibe you have here. And that necklace! Adds a nice feminine touch.

Off to do some floor sliding now...

Anonymous said...

Cute! As always love the outfit post, but its always your hair thats to die for! Gorgeous!


Kendra said...

I love love LOVE this! The shorts and socks are adorable :)
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Unknown said...

i love the layering!! the vest and socks are so cute!

<3 steffy
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Taryn Blake said...

Recently found your blog from Pinterest and wow! I'm smitten. Love your posts. I'm sure I'll be linking to you soon!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ok girl! i LOVE all the different elements to your outfit!!

jackie said...

that's my halloween costume this year! i already have it all planned. ha. and stealing your bf's shirt is the best thing in the world, isn't it?

Charisse said...

I have been known to slide across the kitchen/dining room in my (or her) socks. I was TOTALLY thinking about that scene when I read the title. And then saw the outfit. You look phenomenal.

Dee Paulino said...

you look gorgeous!