Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy little fallish things






Shirt: NY and Co., Jacket and shorts: Old Navy, Boots: Madden Girl, Bag: Gucci hand-me-down, Jewelry: F21, Premier, Movado, DIY, Nails: (I think Midnight) from Ulta, Lips: Baby Doll Pink/Ulta

1. I wore this jacket all day without breaking a sweat.
2. Boots, boots, boots. I have my eyes on some dessert booties right now. Heeled ones, flat ones, wedge ones? I'm undecided. But I will certainly have a pair before the season is up. Fall throws my self control against shopping out the window apparently.
3. Trench coats. They are everywhere and I am digging it. Classic, versitile, in. Love. Another item on my wish list. And I do literally have a list.
4. We ate soup tonight. With oyster crackers. Geez, I haven't had any of those yummies in a while. I had to buy them because the box had a picture of the crackers with a pearl between them with the caption of "the world is your oyster cracker." I would like to high-five the person who came up with that.
5. We went for a crispy little walk tonight and it was delicious.
6. There is a cornmaze across the street and Dusty promises we will give it a shot. It is so on.
7. I'm really craving something appley right now. Or maybe some hot cocoa. Premature? Maybe. But I fully intend to milk this cool weather for all it's worth.
8. Riding with the windows down. Nuff stated.
9. Pumpkin spice beverages are back. And I fully intend to challenge myself to drink as many as possible between now and the time they go out of season. Wha-ching.
10. College football. It's awesomeness. It's a light at the end of the tunnel every week. It's like the best entertainment ever.
Ok. Dusty wrote that last one. I'm ready for fall to get here already and make weather like this every day. Hurry up fall!




Rissy said...

had 2 pumpkin spice latte's in the past two days... yep. obsessed

Love the outfit, and I'd say new boots are a fall must! go for it!


'Tia said...

Love that bag!!!

Rin said...

I love fall too. By the end of summer, I feel like my wardrobe is very limited and I'm sick of the same ol' tee shirts. I'm ready for some sweaters and jackets.

But not so much the football. I'm more of a hockey kind of gal.

Gentri said...

You can seriously wear anything!! Love this outfit!! And I love all of those fall things too! :)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE fall! I'm so excited! Football, sweaters, leaves, and Halloween! And this post just made me so much more excited thinking about Fall's awesomeness!

Leah Marie said...

I love your jacket! It’s not quite cool enough here for that yet, I was warm yesterday just wearing a cardigan.
I’m thinking about getting some boots this fall too. :)

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

Those brown boots are gorgeous! Especially paired with the green jacket.

Savannah said...

Im definitely craving new boots too, I love your bag it's so pretty

Abby said...

This weather is beyond glorious! Everyone here keeps complaining that it went from 90's to 70's in one day, but I think it is wonderful. And I love it when the pumpkin spice flavors are in season. yum! I love your outfit too!

Emily said...

I second the hot cocoa! I was craving it today.
Oh and I think you should put together (on the blog) a list (oooh with pictures) of the items you're interested in/excited to wear this fall. :) I love your style.

marcela said...

oh, I love this outfit :) ... great boots

Unknown said...

great boots, love them!!

Sweet Pea said...

I am jealous its warm in Florida during the fall but here its freezing. But you look super cute as usual :)

Rachel said...

You look fabulous! I kind of want to gank your boots

The Random Years said...

Love your boots! =) And I love college football as well. =D

Anonymous said...

That shirt is so pretty, the rosettes are super feminine! Yay for night walks, love them!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Chelsea Alise said...

I need to hop on the pumpkin spice train.

PS - what hair products do you use? Your hair looks gorgeous!

Miranda said...

Fall is SO here and I'm loving it. Those shorts are the perfect length to wear boots with, cute outfit!


Aubree said...

I saw your guest post today and now I am a follower! Love your style!


his little lady said...

love this look girl! and those boots are heavenly!!!

Unknown said...

fall colors suit you perfectly :) i love that jacket!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

jackie said...

Anonymous said...

Agree- this cooler spurt has me longing for Fall too! I love yummy soups in the Fall. I made a pot of homemade veggie soup today. Oh and boots are my fave & I too have a list!!!! Happy Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

Love the boots. Love college football. Go Noles!

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

I want your boots!!