Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've been quite the lucky girl lately as far as mail is concerned. Particularly in the aspect of hair. And as such, I would like to introduce you to two of my newest goodies which I happen to be totally infatuated with. El numero uno: this lovely flower band from Jenny at Whimsical Headbands. Seriously, I'm not sure what I would do without something to keep my braided/bun(ned?) hair in check and looking cute with all of the humidity that's been hanging it's hat around here lately. That stuff really is a booger. But retro/hippie looking headbands are certainly the answer. Check, check, check it out.



Fun little sundress is from my friend Maddie's cute online boutique, Sparkle Designs. If you haven't checked her out, you are missing out on all sorts of really reasonably priced dresses and tops that are super fun for wearing.

In other amazing hairness news, I got the motherload of all products from Mr. Fed Ex Man. A HANA flat iron from Misikko. Let me tell ya, this thing is a beast. And I mean beast as in the best flat iron. I straightened my mom's hair as an example because she has about 5 bazillion x more than me and it was and extremely humid, rainy day (code mega 80s hair. Which would be good if it were about 25 years ago. Unfortunately it is no longer 25 years ago and humidity-infested, frizz hair is no longer cute.) That 'do lasted all day long. All. Day. Long. I live for perfect hair like that. Its not too skinny and not too fat, it is juuuust right (I was goldilocks in my past life), making it perfect for a speedy flattening job. And this flat iron gets super hot. But if you aren't into that, there are a TON of heat settings so that you can warm it to the perfect temperature for your hair. Which completely rescues you from having to double and triple swipe each piece (because double and triple swiping ain't hip folks). It looks super natural and silky smooth. Misikko also has a full line of Morrocan Oils for extra silkiness for your locks. Have you tried this stuff? For realz, it's really delicious-smelling and so works. I condition my hair with this wonder juice and love it to pieces! Finally, it comes with all sorts of cases for travel and storage and the absolute prettiest packageing eva! I am a sucker for pretty packaging and storage. Not that you would know it looking at my room. Just sayin. Anywho, this one is definitely worth a try. I'm a CHI girl, but honestly, I may have been converted! And I'm thinking I throw together a little tutorial for curling hair with a flat iron sometime soon. What 'cha think?

(My pretty Mommy)






Kelly said...

Wow! Great post. I love hair styling tools... I got this random Metropolis brand and it's been the best hair straightener I've ever had.

Your mom looks great! She's still got a great amount of volume too :)


marcela said...

great dress :)

Sailor July said...

Your hair is SO cute!!! Love the whole look. That headband is also adorable and so is your dress!!!

I've wanted to get a flat iron for a LONG time now!!! I'll have to look into this.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the headband and dress, pretty lady!

♥B said...

Your mom is so cute! I can tell she has super thick hair and it is very straight.. hmm, if only I had the mula for a straightener at the moment! I will have to keep this in mind :)

that headband is adorbs, I'm heading on over there to check it out.. right now! xox

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Gertrude said...

The hairband matched perfectly with that dress! So cute. And your mum looks adorable :) xo

steffy said...

You look fantastic! And... finally, your inspiration for getting me to buy hats has sunk in and I actually WORE one. I posted it up on the blog yesterday. I must say I am pleased. Welcome back from the lake!

Mariel Torres said...

Ramsey darling, you are so pretty! I'm absolutely loving that headband by the way and you mama is sooo pretty!

Savannah said...

You look beautiful! I love everything! Your mommas hair looks great! Isnt curling hair with a straight iron the best?

Gentri said...

I'll have to check that straightner out! (not that I need much. I WISH I had curl like yours!) And I love your headband so much!! You two look gorgeous!

Gaby said...

love the headband with side braid, perfect summer look!

I'm Sydney. said...

And that is LEGIT. Sign me up, I'll buy three! Very cute headband, by the way :)

Unknown said...

awww i love the flower headband!! and i got so lucky and had misikko send em one too... i just love it!

<3 steffy
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The Random Years said...

I lovee your hair, its too cute! And I think I need to check out that flat iron. I have a ton of hair like your mom & it never stays straight in humid air!

It looks great though!

Monica and Whitney said...

Loving that look, Ramsey. You are gorgeous.

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