Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signed, sealed, delivered

So, I think I remember promising something about a little video on how to curl your hair with a flat iron. And lookie what we have here. I also have a makeup one coming up. That is if my computer decides to quite being a massive load of stinky pants and cooperate. Also, if there are any professional videographers out there who would like to film my tutorials from now on, bring it. Otherwise, you guys get an amature mix of jumbled words and complete inability to look the camera in the eye. So yeah, may this be a teaching experience for you, but if you could care less, feel free to laugh your buns off at my awkward expense. Right on.

Flat iron: c/o Misikko/by HANA

Heat Spray: Treseme

Happy Saturday sweethearts!




Nicole said...

Great video! I need a new flat iron. I may look into this one. My hair is growing sooo slow!

Unknown said...

That is awesome! I need to go out and get me cute little flat iron, I have one but its a huge bulky one that I got a long time ago...guess its time to upgrade :)
loved your video :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so sweet in video! You hair always look so pretty, nice vlog!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

Thanks for the video, Btw, you have such a cute voice!

Unknown said...

Youre the cutest thing ever! I love your video, very well done... I have shorter hair (although I am letting it grow a little) I still want try this technique... I love shorter wavy hair a la the Glamourai, but havent been able to achieve it.

xo Teresa

Unknown said...

Love the video! Just found your blog! I am excited to read on!

Nicole said...

I tried this over the weekend and loved it! I took some pics and I actually have a blog pot going up about it tomorrow. I put up your link so folks can see your video. Thanks so much girl...I love this look!