Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Packing Tutorial

So here is the packing vlog form. Oh yes. Soak in all of the embarrasingness. And please ignore the fast talking and weird twitching. I'm was a tad nervous. And that one hair sticking out {?} where did that even come from? Enjoy folks!



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Rissy said...

this is the first vlog I have ever watched on your blog and I think YOU. ARE. SO. CUTE! I think I've said that before in other posts, but now I'm even more convinced.

I have actually never used a hotel laundry service, but that's a great idea.

I lost an ENTIRE bag once when I visited my brother and sis in law, and absolutely missed my make-up the most. couldn't agree more with all your carry on item suggestions!

Have a great time!


Marie-Eve said...

Love the little video, you are so adorable !!! Great tips on taking clothes that can double up ! As for packing, my tip would be to roll, your clothes are gonna be less wrinkled and it takes less space that way. And when I go on vacation at the beach I alway bring a silk square I can use as a cover up, a bag, or a turban (I did a post about it when I was on vacation if you haven't seen it !)

Have a nice trip !

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Unknown said...

omg ramsey, you have the cutest accent ever ever!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Maria said...

Great ideas! I'm going on a cruise with my family next month and I actually wrote down some of the things in your video so I can use them. Thanks!

leigh ann said...

So dang cute. Vlogs are kind of nerve-wracking, aren't they? I loved it!
<3 leigh

StyleIDnet said...

Thanks for tips ... I am a serous mess when it comes to packing, I go 3 days to Bahamas and I pack 8 pair of shorts 6 dresses, all the shoes that fit on my luggage, different kinds of bras and tops ..... a total mess. People usually ask me if I am moving for ever.
So, you made it sound easy and I notice how you select basic colors, this is maybe a very good idea.
PS: Have fun!

Anonymous said...

1. Way too cute!
2. Great tips!
3. Have a great trip!

Gertrude said...

Aw you're so cute! Have fun in Puerto Rico :) Great tips xo

Sarah said...

Cute! and great tips! And I love that light colored chambray you're wearing. Have fun!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the advice! you are adorable

Marissa said...

You are so adorable! :)

much love♥

Savannah said...

You are too cute! This was great :) Packing is sooo hard!

Mariel Torres said...

darling, you are too cute!

Giulia said...

I love your blog!!! a kiss


dani said...

Um ok hello cutest person alive! Great tips - can't wait to use them all this summer! :)

<3 The Daily Dani

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Ummm, YEAH. Ditto on all the comments about how freaking cute you are!

Putting Me Together

Abby said...

You have such a cute southern accent! I am so jealous! I want an accent :)