Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been feeling terribly inspired to cook recently





Dress: c/o Karen Kane, shirt: Old Navy{$100 summer}, shoes: Payless, Hat: Target
Not to be confused with "I have been cooking a lot recently." Because, quite frankly, I haven't. {Unless you count tuna salad and scrambled eggs.} But I do feel like it. Especially with all the fresh veggies and such floating around and all the talk I've been hearing about quinoa everywhere. I'm kicking myself a bit for not buying the motherload of that stuff at Costco the other day. Grainy, proteiny, flexible, and budget friendly. That is the definition of a winner. Tonight, I believe we will be dining on a mixture of this lovely little miracle food with shrimp and veggie sautee. Don't we sound fancy? {When canned soup and frozen dinners are acceptible fare, this is, in fact, quite fancy.} Just in case you are interested in excercising your cooking muscles as well, here is a link to the most darling of little sites with a plethora of delicious-looking, healthy, and very budget friendly recipes: Poor Girl Eats Well. Seriously, check it out with napkin handy. You will drool.



P.S.: Don't forget to mosey over and check out the $200 Karen Kane giveaway {sidebar}.


kaysie said...

girl, if you don't already know about it is time you do!
check it out!
there are a few recipes in my past blogs as well

Unknown said...

ahhh im in love with your shoes!

<3 steffy
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Eliza said...

I love that dress! :)

Chelsea said...

This outfit is awesome. It looks so summery and easy. You are gorgeous, girl!

And I'm totally checking out that site. I love me a good cooking blog.


steffy said...

You look adorable today. You inspired me to buy a hat, btw. I will wear it soon and comment with the link on my blog.

TLF said...

i'm loving your hat!!

Nav said...

yay!! first to comment.. =]

I love the dress you are wearing-beatifull print and rock the fedora. they dont look good on me.

and thanks for the link for cheap healthy reciepes - trust me not easy to find :)

xo Nav

Joanna Lundeen said...

seriously love this outfit. now I want to go put on some floral and gingham :) thanks for the inspiration!


Melissa said...

I LOOOVE the pattern mixing in this outfit!

Seriously someone needs to start a blog that is specifically for people like me who do not EVER cook, and don't enjoy cooking, but need to learn how to. I really wish I liked cooking the way some people do.

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Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I THINK about cooking all the time! :)

StyleIDnet said...

Your outfit is lovely.... the patterns of flowers and squares are working so well together on this look.
My mom loves quinoa, I've been a bit resistant to it but with so many 'properties' it looks like I am giving in. Enjoy dinner.

Rachel said...

I love how versatility you wear those shoes. Yet another easy going fun outfit

My Life as Whitney said...

I have had baking tendencies lately- Dinner is being neglected a bit. And yes you are fancy :-)

Victoria said...

It's such a fun look. love it.

Mariel Torres said...

i get that inspiration EVERY time I watch the food network... now if only i acted on it every single time hehe ;)


Savannah said...

You look lovely! I love love love this outfit!

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

Her site looks neat!! You have shared a good find. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love your outfit! I bought some pre-made quinoa at the grocery deli - it had cranberries, apples, nuts I think, edamame, and spinach all mixed together - it was YUMMY! I love that stuff too :)

xo Teresa

Anonymous said...

Ginham and florals are lovely on you! So are espadrilles and hats ... could you be anymore adorbs? ... btw thanks for the recipes, they are drool worthy, that strawberry ice cream is calling my name!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Unknown said...

Loving your outfit :)
I bought some quinoa at the grocery deli once and it all sorts of yummies in it - cranberries, edamame, spinach, almonds.... it was like a yummy little dessert.

xo Teresa

caroline said...

i love how you wore that checkered shirt over the floral dress - fabulousness!!!

thanks for sharing the link to that site...i need to make myself cook more but i need easy (and cheap!) recipes so this is perfect!

caroline - pictures & wordst

Nanina said...

I like your hat! It looks like it could be a sister to my hat ;-)

Relatable Style

Vanda said...

Ok!!! I cook a lot, so for me no cooking inspitation, only a hard thing everyday!
You look great, love your dress and that amazing hat. Do you know I am following from Greece? kisses

Anonymous said...

Why can't I ever find cute shoes at Payless? Suck!