Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue Door

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Striped Shirt: F21, Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Pants: Old Navy, Necklace: D.D.P., Purse: The Limited, Shoes: Old Navy
That title means nothing other than the fact that we found this really cool blue door to take pictures in front of today that matched my blue outfit.  For some reason this blue and yellow color combo has been stuck on my brain lately.  I didn't even know I owned that much blue and yellow, but every day my closet is like "wha-bayum" and pops out another outfit.  It even makes the sound effects and everything.
This is the outfit I chose to paint in my mom's classroom today.  It was 120 degrees outside in Florida today and it was probably not the most paint-appropriate attire I could have thrown together, but ya know what?  The classroom turned out to be 20 below zero and I did not spill one drop of paint on myself.  Double fist pump for that victory.  Which naturally means I will probably wake up in the morning and manage to spill my coffee, toothpaste, and orange juice all over myself by nine AM.  At the latest.  I'll enjoy it while I can.


Anonymous said...

Cute layering! What did you paint?

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Kileen said...

Ramsey, i'm so glad to see that you're back!! i took a long blogging break too and decided to come back because i missed that side of myself too. i love your style and those blue pants are beautiful on you!

cute & little

Laynah said...

Haha you're adorable. I love blue and yellow and I've also been loving navy and pink lately!