Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring vegetables make me feel domestic



So yesterday in a whirlwind of productivity {a rare occasion} I made zucchini bread. Because he was a nice guy {or a wanting to be fed guy} and brought me some fresh zucchini. And it baked while I cleaned the kitchen and gave myself a haircut. And I made a healthy dinner of salmon croquettes resting on beds of baby spinach with crispy {ok, they turned out really crispy} garlic potatoes on the side. Aaand got a head start on a crock pot dinner for tonight. I also photographed and edited pictures for each student in my mommy's third grade class for Mother's Day picture frames. And cleaned house and worked on some business stuff.

I sure wish this productivity bug would give me a whopping bite in the tush more often. I'm kinda liking this guy. Alas as I told Dusty, I have to work today and that will squish the productivity right out of me, I'm afraid, and tomorrow the clock will "strike midnight" and I will revert to being nothing more than a useless couch potato. Boogers.




Nanina said...

Oh how I love those days!! I wish I had one right now, haha, instead of bumming around the blogs (at work. Cough.)... :-)

And I do wonder what zucchini bread tastes like (don't say "like zucchini" ^^)...

Relatable Style

Amber said...

Wow I am so impressed! That is a very productive night and sounds like you had a delicious dinner!

Stefanie D. said...

YUMMY! That looks so good!

Gentri said...

I love zucchini bread! SO delicious! :) And that productivity bug is the best! I wish he'd visit me more often too!

Abby said...

you were very productive! I love that feeling- when somehow you mange to get so much done and if the sun would just stay up a little longer you could keep on going :) Lately I've had more of the.. where did the day go, I only got one thing done kind of days. haha