Friday, May 20, 2011

Looks like we have a taker




Dress: F21, Scarf: Old Navy, Hat: Target, Shoes: Ross, Watch: Gift, Purse: LV

So I had this purse in my pictures yesterday. But I doubly like it. So it's back today.

Good news. Dusty offered to take the personal assistant position. Which is good because most of you guys live pretty far away. {If you didn't we would so be for real friends. And I would take yout shopping.} And you mostly don't want to move to hot sticky Florida. But he's already here, so that whole thing kinda works out. Only thing is he isn't interested in my hand-me-downs. So we decided to trade those out for kisses. I might throw in a dinner or two because I'm the generous type. He's no good in the makeup and hair department either, but I think I'll manage with just those two. I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Plus: He's hotttt.


Happy Friday!




Brooke T said...

HAHA I love this! So glad you found an assistant ;) and why are you so dang cute?

Savannah said...

I think you got a pretty good assistant :) & if you decide you don't want that gorgeous bag then I'll definitely work for hand me downs ;)

Cassandra said...

You and Dusty are so cute!

I love this outfit! The print mixing in the scarf and dress is adorable and that fedora is so cool! I've been looking for a good summer hat like that.

P.S. Sorry I haven't commented, said hello, etc. in forever! Things have been crazy busy at Casa Igo.

Eliza said...

You are so pretty!!! I love reading your blog. You seem like such a fun person. :)

Anonymous said...

Handy assistant for kisses sounds like a great deal! Lucky you for both the cute assistant and bag!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Francesca said...

Gorgeous! I'm in love with your bag and dress!

Dee Paulino said...

hilarious hahaha

Anonymous said...

hahahah. You guys are too cute. Maybe some of us will come vacay in Florida just for you one day. hahaha. Unless you move. Then, you're obligated to move somewhere we all want to move. Mkay?

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

That bag is gorgeous, I can see why you would want to use it two days in a row. I'd probably end up using it for weeks at a time!

Siena in Style said...

i just love your pictures!!

Rissy said...

why are you so stinkin' cute?!

if I had any kind of product to sell, I'd probably try to pay you to try it.... alas I do not



ashley.warner said...

how fabulous! :)

happy weekend!


Unknown said...

haha you and your assitant look awfully good together :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

his little lady said...

ha, love this post! and definitely loving the outfit!

StyleIDnet said...

You got a great deal with that assistant .... none of us could have done it better.
I was considering the position (because I love warm cookies :))
Your outfit is perfect, cute and chic spring look.... ooohh and I adore your bag.

Candace Shiflet said...

Rams I LOVE that dress/scarf/hat combo .holy lovely!

Lovely Little Rants

Miranda said...

The scarf and hat really add a lot of flair to the dress! Beautiful


Nav said...

Love the outfit - esp the scarf..and you are so darn cute!

I am glad you had interviews and chose the right P.A. :)

xo Nav

Haley said...

oh girl. that scarf and dress are FABULOUS together! that last photo of you made me smile :) And congrats to Dusty!

and please don't be creeped out. but you have the most amazing legs. :)

Aubrey said...

okay, right back at you because i adore this outfit! I look like a total weiner in hats but these photos have me wanting to give my straw fedora another go.
Thank you for the words of encouragement!!

Courtney B said...

That dress is SOOOO cute! Love it!!

Shellsea said...

I live in hot sticky Florida! I say we trade off. I be your assistant half the week and you be mine the other half. Deal? Deal.

That dress is so cute.

Love, Shellsea Blog

Francesca said...

this is gorgeous! Enter my Dior giveaway?


Angela said...

Ha, too cute! Glad you found someone to step up to be your PA! ;)

Better Than a Milk Mustache

Anja said...

Well, I guess there is no better assistant than him for you :) Even though he is no good in hair and make up, as you said. He could take up some courses :)

Lovely outfit btw, so super cute and fresh!

Laura said...

Cute outfit! :)
Laura -