Saturday, December 31, 2011



Shirt: Gap, Sweater: F21, Scarf: Nine West, Jeggings: Old Navy, Shoes: Gift, fabulous local boutique (Brooke and Nicole), Vest: Belk, Earrings: F21, Watch: c/o Mimi's






I resolved not to make any resolutions this year, rationale being that I make them every year and all I'm left with come the end of January is a broken pile of promises and a guilty gut. And so I won't make any promises to get in shape or run every day or learn to cook something new or improve my {fill in the blank} skills. But I believe I will, in fact, weaken my resolve not to resolve. I have spent this Christmas holiday soaking in all of the goodness it has to offer. I haven't turned down plates of goodies, fires in the fireplace even if the weather is too hot to justify their existance, cup after cup of soul-soothing hot tea, kisses to furry puppy faces, staying up too late and going to bed too early, wearing yoga pants, opportunities to go shopping with mom instead of doing laundry, falling asleep on the sofa to the light of the Christmas tree, breakfasts with Mamaw and Aunt Essie, not setting an alarm, and an overall zeal for each day that, for me at least, is territory that has not been trod in the last few months. So my resolution of sorts is to allow the, the joy...that has filled me from head to toe over the past few weeks to spill over into the post-holiday season. And to not feel guilty for taking time to "waste" on things that make me feel full and happy. Like a trip to Dollar Tree to spend 15 minutes debating whether to purchase a pack of colorful, striped pencils. Or a morning of coffee and muffins with all of the women of the family at our favorite local bakery. Because there is beauty in those simple moments that completely defies the pretty walls of productivity. I am comitting myself to time "well wasted" and to allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy the experience sans the usual side dish of guilt. Will I need reminding of this once the week after next rolls around and I'm back to the books plus one more class than last semester thrown in for good measure? Yes. And if you guys want to chime in and keep me accountable, chime away.

My uncle was in town visiting for Christmas last week, telling us of an trip he'd taken and he said something along the lines of, "usually you don't realize how great moments were until you look back later in life, but you know those times when you look around and actually realize how great of a time you're having while it's happening? That is truely an amazing feeling." And that part of the story stuck with me. Because that elated feeling of I'm so happy right now has been hovering around this season like a coat of morning fog and I'm not ready to let it go. I want to realize how wonderful a moment is when it's happening. I want to "waste" time being happy. So I learned how to make friendship bracelets with my sister last night and, for the record, we stink at it, but it was awesome. Plus we looked mighty gangsta in our awesome crotch-dangling pants, see below exhibit:


And I spent a good 30 minuts just browsing the aisles of my newest favorite dollar store for nothing in particular and spending the very thoughtful Christmas giftcard from my sister on new "office" organizing supplies. And I went to the movies with mom to see New Years Eve, which was the perfect, cheesy blend of funny, Cinderella story, and heartwarming tearjerker all wrapped up in a neat two-hour package and sprinkled with our favorite stars. And I am happy. Nestled right in the now.

Happy New Year lovelies! May your hopes, dreams, and plans for 2012 come true and may you ring in the new year in a most satisfying manner!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I like the way you {egg} roll









Tonight we tried something new. And I, for one, feel like a hero because of it. We made homemade egg rolls. I can't take credit for the idea because it was Dusty's. He and his dad have grown enough cabbage this year to feed an army and he wanted to make some egg rolls out of it so by George, we did. I sorta didn't even know that that could be done but by geez, it can and we made rolls worthy of getting me a gig at our favorite take out Chinese joint. Ok, well maybe they were a little on the wonky side, but they tasted delicious and I'm sure that whole roll bit is the kind of thing that gets better with practice. And now I'm sitting on the couch, belly stuffed full of cabbage and fried dough, two empty mugs on the coffee table, a sleepy Dusty curled up on the couch beside me wearing my new Pillsbury Dough Boy jammie pants, and the sweet hum of a crackling fire in the fireplace. I'm pretty much convinced it doesn't get any nicer than this. Oh, and it dipped down to the thirties last night, so this fire is legit yo.

Mmmm, so the spring cleaning bug bit me early this year. Who am I kidding? It bit for the first time this year and I am all about taking advantage of it's poison. I've been tackling cabinets, drawers, and the fridge all day and labeled and boxed up everything but the dogs. I've got another day to go tomorrow, so here's to hoping the motivation will hang around for at least one more day.

Ok, so my eyelids are heavy and that toasty warm feeling is crawling up from my legs and wrapping itself around my shoulders. It's delightful. And I'm tired.



Monday, December 26, 2011








Shirt: JCPenny, Leggings and Shoes: Old Navy, Socks: Target, Poncho: Borrowed from Mom, Necklace: c/o Emporium



We had a most fabulous Christmas this year. The temperature hit about 78 degrees, I wore my new "boots with the fur" that are suited for an Alaskan Adventure, we ate more calories than should ever be consumed in one day, and we napped. In fact, we only got off of our lazy bums to eat. That is how it's done guys. As you can see, our furry little ones were psyched about all of the Christmasing. They were mostly in it for the paper everywhere. I am stocked on photography supplies, faux fur, iPhone goodies, shoes, leggings, socks, and jackets. Now if the stinking weather would chill enough to put it all to good use!

Our plans for the day include a shopping trip to take advantage of $15 jeans for Dusty, ignoring the monstrosity that is my laundry pile for one more day, photo sesh, more leggings (stretchy=happy), and maybe a Christmas movie. We (and by we, I mean I) like to milk this stuff as looong as I can.

Happy (late) Christmas to you and your favorite ones from me and my favorite ones! We hope it was filled with snuggly warm happiness and lots of yummy nom noms!



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next time I have the brilliant plan to wear cute shoes while shopping...






Dress (worn as skirt): Sparkle, Shirt: F21, Blazer: Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Coach, Necklaces: F21 and gifts, Watch: Movado, Bracelets: Guess, c/o Mimi's, Nails: Ulta, Wild Night

Oh yes, sneakers and sweat pants are where it's at. Besides the fact that my toes are permanently smooshed together from our shopping extravaganza on Monday, we had a most fabulous time. My mommy, sissy, Maddie of Sparkle and I piled into mom's tiny Infinity and headed to Jacksonville for the day to do some Christmas shopping. It should be noted by all of you that shopping at a fabulous new mall with all of your most fabulously favorite stores for other people is acutely challenging because you will most certainly wish to shop for yourself. I managed, but not without a few back-handed face slaps and "focus Ramsey's." Sometimes I split personalities when shopping. I'm sure that's totally normal. Urban Outfitters really brings out the best in people. I did squeeze in a few new {on sale...geez} lipsticks and bottles of polish from Ulta for me-self. One of which I am sporting now and is turquoise, minty fantasticness which would look lovely with a layer of gold sparkliness.

I'm pretty sure I'm finished with all of my Christmas shopping right now. Two whole days early. Two. We're talking some kind of record. Not to worry, I've already given myself a tremendous pat on the ole back. Ok, I may sneak back for a few more things, but that's a bit of a given.

Anywho, best of Christmas shopping luck for you last-minuters like me! Oooh, and I have a hot cocoa party to attend tonight {!!!} It's definitely Christmas.



Saturday, December 17, 2011

I missed you

Humph. So the only pictures I have to post for you guys tonight are from mom's sweet Polar Express Party on Thursday. She teaches third grade and the whole school celebrated. I would say our classroom rocked the whole thing. But I'm not biased or anything. Here we are in our pajamas. I also wore these pajamas to the drug store to print pictures of each child (that I took looking stinking aaadorable in a Santa hat in front of the Christmas tree) for their parents' gifts. That wasn't awkward at all. Especially the girl who stopped me to say...after giving me two up-down stares..."I like............your hat." Righto lady. Jsyk this is totally my normal getup and I'm here every thursday thankyaverymuch. Oh, and mom is going to kill me for posting this picture with her eyes closed but it's all I've got so I'm taking that risk.


Mommy and cute sister in their PJ best for the par-tay.


My station was s'mores. And it totally ruled. These kids seriously know what they are talking about when it comes to roasted marshmallows. Ok, sugar in general. The experience made me want to go campin for real.


Do you not just want to hug them to pieces?



I took a little blog break to get me through my exams without my head exploding. Victorious! Head is still intact. In other news, I finished finals. They stunk major. I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping minus one more running-around day. My doggy ran away but we found him. (three days later after I had a heart attack) I will probably sleep on the couch again tonight for the 20th time this week (don't check my math on that) because my room currently looks like and episode of hoarders and I would have a mild anxiety attack if I tried to get some shut eye in there. I have been surviving for the past week plus on a diet of cookies and chocolate. FYI, that is a major shock to the body and is largely not recommended although I'm sure I've done Santa proud. I'm trying to wean myself off of sugar and back onto whole grains and vegetables so I can function like a normal human being. For some strange reason I just felt completely compelled to post this tonight. Even though I babysat and adorable munchkin until 11, thought I was done for the night and then came home, made homemade granola, and finished a counter-full of just-been-started Christmas crafts. And now it's 2:15. But the tree is surrounded by presents that were unfinished and unwrapped this afternoon...and THAT is something, my friends. Ok, my sore brain has nothing left to spout out right now and a furry puppy and warm blanky are calling my name. Or maybe that's just me hallucinating from exhaustion. Hope to talk to you guys again soon! We have lots of catching up to do!



Friday, December 2, 2011

Civil Procedure is the devil and I'm ready for Christmas vacation already





Boots: Arturo Chiang, Leg Warmers: Target, Leggings: Wal Mart, Sweater and Cowl: NY and Co., Vest: c/o Karen Kane, Bracelets: c/o Mimi's, Premier

Hi. Errrm....I'm still here. I'm not sure if you though I forgot about you or not but I didn't. In fact, I think of you often little blog and soon, very soon, I hope to have lots of lovely, wonderous, happy little stories to share with you so that I can look back later and remember how joyous things were. But for now, there is this ginormous, green, scaled, flame-throwing Civil Proceedure exam breathing down my neck and scorching my un-combed hair and it needs my attention. Also, I really have no sweet stories to share other than the fact that I've been surviving on fires in the fireplace, cups of hot tea, leggings and sweaters, and baking and cooking breaks to keep me going. And sweet potatoes. Particularly sweet potatoes. I seriously could eat those suckers three times a day. I think it's my body screaming for carotinoids to counteract the inevitable atrophying of my eyesight from all of this mess. Anywho, I hope to have some more charming tidbits for you soon, sweet blog. Thanks for sticking with me through the stress and hair-pulling-out-ness. You are a doll.



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gray Day




Boots and Belt: J.Crew, Jeggings and Jacket: Old Navy, Shirt: American Eagle, Scarf: Gift, Bracelets: c/o Mimi's, DIY, F21

Sometimes Florida throws a real wrench in things. Like a cold, rainy day in the midst of 70-80 degree sunny ones. Not that there's anything wrong with rainy, I just wish we had a little heads up before coldness like this rolls around. I'm pretty sure school should just be canceled alltogether when it rains. Days like these just go down better with a hot cup of apple cider. Which I believe I'll be helping myself to before too long.

Oh, and guys, we've started decorating for Christmas! Can you believe it's almost that time of year again? I'm pretty much psyched! Christmas is my favorite. Now all I need is a date with Elf and someone to narrow down my 59247528745 item long list of gifts to make from Pinterest for me. I may have been a little over ambitious with my idea saving. Just a tad. But you can just come over for craft night and make them for me. I'll provide s'mores and cocoa. Who's with me?



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving to do list:





Dress and Sweater: F21, Shoes: Target, Shirt: c/o Karen Kane, Bow: DIY, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Sparkle, Jewelry: c/o Mimi's, F21

1. Cook, cook, cook. Pumpkin bread pudding, Green Beans and Craisins, Mashed potatoes. My minor contributions to dinner that must get whipped up tomorrow.

2. Watch Twilight in theaters with mom. You know you went to see it too. Guilty ones.

3. Cook delicious sauce and spaghetti squash for dinner. I've never experimented with these, but that sucker looks like quite the adventure.

4. Pack flannel shirts, jeans, and as many pairs of leggings as I can get into a duffle for the lake.

5. Stretch my stomach for dinner tomorrow and a weekend of munching.

6. Remind Dusty to pack firewood, frying oil, and hugs for the trip.

7. Go for a walk right now and gobble up the last little bit of this fabulous weather we've had today.

Hope your turkey day is spectacular. Peace out lovelies!



Friday, November 18, 2011

It's almost Turkey Day




Pants: Ann Taylor, Sweater: NY and Co., Shirt and belt : Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklaces: Thrifted and Sparkle, Bracelets: c/o Mimi's, F21, Watch: Movado, Flower Brooch: DIY

Boy are we getting excited around here! Thanksgiving means family, a whole day of baking and cooking {favorites!!}, yummy smells like cinnamon-pumkin and turkey, Wednesday off from classes, Christmas music on the radio, sweaters and jeans, and a weekend at the lake. Doesn't that sound delicious? We certainly think so!

Happy weekend!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011







Dress, Vest, and Leg Warmers: F21, Tights: Charolotte Russe, Boots: Arturo Chiang, Scarf Old Navy, Bag: c/o Shop Kempt, Watch: c/o Mimi's

I'm pretty sure I post about the weather entirely too much. It's either this or books. I'm just going to go ahead and pick your poison for you. Weather. The only books I read enough to discuss are too torturous for your sweet little eyes. This post is nostalgic. This outfit was on Friday, which was cold and fallish. And today is hot, humid and sticky. Blech! And I'm wearing a sweater. And tights. And plus I took the time to curl my hair this morning and the weather totally ruined it! Stink on you, weather. Stink. On. You. It's an "I need ice cream" sort of a day. Fortunately I know that there is a nice, big tub of Whoopers ice cream waiting for me to engulf {ladylike?} later tonight. Plus I'll make Dusty eat some too so I don't feel like such a pig. Food therapy is not recommended, but extremely effective. Don't try this at home.