Monday, December 14, 2009

Pop Top Packages

Here is an idea that I stole borrowed from the wonderfully creative Becca at Blue Cricket Design.
She is awesome! If you haven't checked her out, do, like now. (Well after you read this, of course!)
So to make these, you will need a can with a pop top, such as this for Campbell's soup, in whatever size suits your fancy. You will also need some lovely goodies to fill it with. Mine were for boys, so I filled them with booklets that I made by printing out coloring sheets and jokes from a website for free. I also added flarp (if you have boys I'm sure you know what this is all too well and it's disgusting), Tootsie Rolls, and crayons. I was going to add bouncy balls, but I overestimated the size of my cans.
Open the can and eat or save the soup. Wash it well (be careful of sharp edges).

I bound my coloring books with strips of fleece left over from the taboggans, I think they turned out cute.

Stuff those puppies good and tight so you can squeeze lots of yummy goodness inside! (I actually contained myself and only stole 2 Tootsie Rolls!

Now all you have to do is embellish 'till your heart's content. WARNING: you might get carried away on this part, I did!
Wrap the can with scrapbook paper (or, if you're like me and you don't have a craft store nearby, make your own using paint shop and print it on cardstock: noone will ever know!). Seal edges with craft glue or hot glue. Cut circles for the top and bottom and glue on. For the top, make a notch for the tab. Then add ribbons to the pull tab and a cute tag. I also gave mine some ric rac and button love, see I told you-carried away.

One thing, I wouldn't do this for really young kids because of sharp edges. Make sure you know the kids you are giving these to or make sure to have an adult present. I added a warning to the tag to watch out for sharp edges.
Have Fun!
Lots of love!
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Leah said...

neat idea! I've seen can openers that lift the lids without the sharp edges.
Thanks for playing long with Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

Remodelaholic said...

Those are adorable! I love reusing things, and we all have cans sitting around! Very Clever!

p.s. Thanks so much for becoming a follower!

Angie Holden said...

I have seen these too -- they are so cute! You did a great job with yours!

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Very cool! I just became a follower, what great ideas you have:) Stop on over for a visit!!


Damaris said...

Love this idea. FYI...(a smooth edge can opener is perfect for leaves the can smooth and no one gets hurt!!!) I am going to try this adorable project. Very cute.