Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Transitional Tote

These are very cute gifts, especially filled with thoughtful goodies. They are super transitional because canvas bags come in all colors and you can use whatever trim you choose. A monogramed one trimmed with ribbon would be adorable Mine are going to be filled with pretty toile and damask prayer journals when I eventually get around to making them. This one is for my grandmother and is pretty subdude and traditional but I think it turned out nicely.
All you need is a canvas tote bag (thank you Wally World!)
Iron on transfers (and an iron-duh)
Trim (found this on sale at the Hob Lob, like $1/yd)
Here are my transfers-Avery light fabric transfers. If you are doing a dark colored bag, you will need to get dark fabric transfers. (That is obvious, but I thought I would point it out)
Here is a pic of my bag and some cute, fluffy trim.

Hardest part first: hand sew the trim to the bag. This is mindless, but time consuming. Think My Fair Wedding with David Tutera marathon while doing this.

Type your message, verse, monogram, etc. in Microsoft Word. You can also use a picture if you choose. In case you are technologically impared like me, I will let you know how I did this. Insert word art and type your message in the word art box. Edit as desired, until it looks just right. Now use the rotate button in the top right corner (it looks like 2 triangles with an arrow) to flip the words vertically. Thats it! Print a tester page on plain paper to make sure it came out right.

Cut out your message as close to the words/picture as possible. Place face down on the bag in the desired location and iron for about a minute.

Let it cool and peel off backing.

Bea-U-tiful and thoughtful! Enjoy and let me know if you try this!

Lots of love,


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glor said...

This is absolutely beautiful! And with a prayer journal ... I can't wait to see them. This is a most touching gift, I would be so thrilled to receive something like this. I know your grandmother will love this.

Becca said...

So beautiful and thoughtful!!!Thanks for linking!