Monday, December 28, 2009

Bloggie Vacation

Hi Everybody,
I'm on vacation in North Carolina right now. 'Bout to hit the slopes. Hope you all had a merry Christmas. I'm completely psyched, my boyfriend got me this incredibly amazing camera. It's a Cannon Rebel EOS. Here is my baby.

Just kidding, here he is.

Let me tell you, he is lovin' being the subject of my photo shoots! hehehe

And my BEAUTIFUL turkey...yay! It actually turned out just like the Martha said it would.
And Dusty's fried was our first and was completely DELISH!!!
And a few shots from our trip:
Happy New Year everyone!!!


Moore Minutes said...

Wow, your turkey looks amazing! And you are a lucky girl to get that camera! I would love to have got that for a Christmas gift.

Jane said...

Your turkey looks delicious! Love the photos of NC...nice that you got to photograph snow. Hope your trip was filled with happiness and great times with your friends.

Jane (artfully graced...another FL native)

Uniquely Ella said...

It looks great in NC. I'm glad you are so using your camera.