Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food Truck Thursday

food trucks2






Shirt: c/o Karen Kane, Sweater, shades, and shorts: F21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Thrifted, Gloves: Isotoner, Bracelets: F21, c/o Mimi's, Bag: Vintage Gucci

We fiiinally made it to Food Truck Thursday this week. And it was fantstic. At lease I though so. Basically a line of pimped out bread wagons selling gormet junk food. Ummm heavenly. I'm pretty sure Dusty was slightly less thrilled, but he took his Columbia-loving, boot-wearing self to the land of hipsters, cigarettes, and glasses five times the size of the face so that I could try chicken and waffles bought from a dude who looked like a Napolean Dynamite wanna-be. I know, he is a sweet pea. For the record, I think he enjoyed the chicken and waffles too. (Or at least he was nice enough to pretend he enjoyed it!) Hellllooo ultimate comfort food. And now I am all about finding a recipe to make homemade red velvet waffles. I may be obsessed.

I hope your week was positively wonderous! Happy Saturday. Ok, now I get to go endure my workout for the day loading three years-worth of college text books into my car to resell to the bookshop, or drop off on someone's doorstep. Or generally just get out of my room (the only part of this experience I'm looking forward to.) Happy day lovelies!



P.S. I am eventually going to show you the finished product of my room. I just have to find a way to make all of the pictures stay up without poking a bajillion holes in the wall.


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

Cute outfit ! Loving that stripey sweater <3


Gail and Rhoda said...

Love the cheetah print with the stripes! Wish there was food trucks where I live. :) ~ Rhoda

Melissa Anne said...

I've tagged you sweet girl! Join in on the fun if you'd like to, or just enjoy seeing what I've written from my turn of being tagged.
xo. Little Miss
{here's the link}

Elise said...

I love chicken and waffles! Red velvet waffles..yum!! Please post any recipe you find!

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

The food truck sounds so good! Someone around here needs to get their butt into gear and start one of these so I can eat chicken and waffles too!

Urban Nester said...

I love the layering, Ramsey!!! That leopard print paired with the stripes is pure perfection!


Cassi said...

Haha, I lvoe that you referred to "glasses five times as big as a face" because I just debuted my new hipster glasses! Though mine aren't quite that big :)

Oh, and red velvet WAFFLES? Are you serious? I'm joining your hunt for recipes stat...

Anonymous said...

The leopard peeking out from under the striped sweater is genius!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE food trucks! We even have a food truck park here in the Dallas area. I have yet to go but am super thrilled to make the trip. And I really love how you paired your outfit. I'm not sure I would have ever thought of that!

Meg Arnold said...

Such a fun blog! Very fun, lovely and edgy outfits!

My Life as Whitney said...

There is definitely a red velvet waffle recipe posted to my pinterest board ;-) I have yet to try them but they look deadly! XO

Anonymous said...

I love the mixing of prints in this works so well! I've never eaten from a food truck...definitely will have to find one!


Dreama's Daily Fashion said...

You look amazing! The leopard under the striped sweater is perfection!

Patti said...

I've never been to a food truck, but anything red velvet sounds divine to me.

I am absolutely loving/obsessed with this outfit.

<a href=">Twirling in Glitter</a>

Dylana Suarez said...

You look adorable! I love this so much!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous missy and the food trucks kinda sound heavenly! Yum! Can't wait to see the room!


stevie lynn said...

with your hair straightened you look more like a mini kendi haha love the stripes, lady!