Friday, April 1, 2011

Over here!


I'm a guest today on Ma Nouvelle Mode today. So you should come check it out. Because I hear she baked cookies. Just sayin'.

And to those of you who pointed out that I did not put my Twitter name in my last post, you should know that I enter a state of delirium after 11:00 pm and all responsibility for what I say or do should be totally dismissed. Kind of like Cinderella and the whole coach to a pumpkin thing. Except for an hour earlier. I did, however post it on my sidebar. Sooooo, if you want to know the nitty gritty, right down to what I eat for breakfast, it's Love_Ramsey. Because apparently you guys are interested. Which absolutely gives me the warm fuzzies. Y'all are so sweet!




Sailor July said...

What a pretty outfit! I love plaid AND denim! I have a lot of both, being a country girl. ^_^ I will definitely follow you on Twitter, I'm @AngieBailey13!

Michelle said...

Found you on Ma Nouvelle Mode and I am so glad I did! I love that F21 striped shirt you are wearing in your guest post!

Happy Friday!

StyleIDnet said...

All your outfits are great. congrats for the feature.
I am loving the double layer shirt.

Gina said...

I just came across your blog and i love it! come by and check out my little life in a big city!

Kathryn said...

I love how you paired the denim and plaid. It looks so cute! Now I'm off to check out your guest post :)

Kayla said...

I'm off to check you out and follow you on twitter.

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The Random Years said...

Love the plaid your rocking! I need more plaid in my life. =)

Kelly said...

I love the layering of these two shirts! I might have to take this post as inspiration ;)


Mary Nevin said...

great guest post!! love it :)
you look oh so adorable today, love the top knot!! i saw a cute tutorial on cup of joe for a braided top knot and i think it would look amazing on you!! hope you have a great weekend!!

Serenity and Style

Kileen said...

i loved reading your feature and you look great in plaid!

cute & little

Sarah said...

I had to get a twitter for a course I'm taking (Language and Cyberspace) and I'm at a loss. It has been forever since I haven't been technologically literate! I am following you, of course, but if you feel like sharing things you learn about twitter as you go, I'd be much obliged.

Just Take a Bow

Nav said...

Found your bloggy thru my lovely friend Natalia's Ma Nouvelle Mode page. What a beautiful blog you have - Love love your crafty posts and outfits as well- I am a follower!
Please come by my blog sometime. I started recently and would love to get your feedback!



Unknown said...

Like your outfit!!! I'm a plaid and denim lover too!!! :)

Natalia Lynn said...

Thanks for the post! Love it!