Friday, March 26, 2010

Give Me a Quiche and I'll be Your Bow

In case you didn't catch my utterly CORNY title there, its "give me a kiss and I'll be your beau." I know, I've hit an all time low on the titles...don't know where the corny streak came from today! I was just trying to string together two completely unrelated projects. First off for the quiche. I {heart} quiche! I decided to get started on the baking for my shower coming up next month so I won't have so much to do come game day.
Baby Quiche:
{24 baby quiche}
1 Pie Crust
5 Eggs
1/3 Cup Cheese
1/4 Cup Finely Diced Onion
1/4 Cup Sour Cream
1/4 Cup Milk
I used boxed pie crust, but you use whatever suits your fancy. Use something circular {like a cup} to cut your crust. Push those crust circles into your mini baking cups. This does not have to be perfect...i repeat...This does not have to be perfect! Nobody will notice, nobody will care. Beat your eggs with the sour cream, milk, salt, pepper, cheese and onion. Use a fork to prick holes in your crust cups. Pour egg mixture into cups and pop 'em in the oven at 400 degrees for about eight or so minutes {Just watch them and see when they turn slightly brown}. I let mine cool and then froze them in a plastic freezer bag. So much better than the store bought ones because you know you're only gettin' the good stuff and no preservatives! When party time rolls around, just pop them in the oven on a baking sheet for a few minutes until they are warm.
Now for another little baby gift:
Stephanie, DON'T LOOK!
I'll hold your BOWS!
For this little cutie, I took an empty frame and spray painted it white. Then I used a paper towel and some brown paint to age the frame. Go easy on me, I am an aging newbie. I took some polka dot scapbooking paper and added a few coats of mod-podge on top. I aged the paper with a little more brown paint. Finally I stapled ribbon to the back and hot glued ribbon strips to the top and bottom and added some cute bows. (I totally invented these as I went but there are bow tutorials the lady bug).
Hope this gives you guys a little spring inspiration!
Happy Crafting (Weekend!)
Love ya!
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