Friday, April 2, 2010

$ Store + Easter = LOVE

Don't you just love the Dollar Store??? They always have the greatest selection of STUFF for holidays and Easter is no exception. Look at this cute bucket I pulled together with some chalk eggs and candy (all for $3!).

Here is a little scalloped table runner that would be perfect for Easter!
$ Tree has plastic table cloths in every color. Sorry the pictures aren't very good, but the concept is super simple, so here we go!

Take you table cloth out of the plastic wrapping but only unfold it longways (DO NOT UNFOLD ALL THE WAY, THIS IS KEY!) Keep the two ends together. Use a cup or some other round object and a pencil to mark your scallops. Cut with scisors and either keep the cloth folded up to use as a table runner like I am doing or unfold it all the way for a table cloth. Simple but CUTE!

And lastly, because he looked so cute:

TTYL and have a VERY happy weekend!

Lots of love and best bunny wishes!


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AutumnBrooke said...

Oh yeah, I'm addicted to the dollar store. Every holiday where the kids get goodies, that's the first place I head, and Easter is no exception. lol