Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday in St. Augustine

As a tribute to Spring Break (that, unfortunately, Dusty and I did not get to partake in) we took a little day trip over to St. Augustine, FL on Saturday. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL for us (minus the 50mph winds). Dusty is attending Flaggler's sattelite school, so we decided to visit the actual campus and had to get some pics of him by his university. Sorry that most of these pictures are not amazing in quality, I took most of them out of the window of the truck. We had such a fun day just wandering around the downtown shops, walking on the beach, stumbling across a little seafood festival, and doing a little shopping at the outlet mall (*and Hobby Lobby* of course...I'll show you what I got later). We had some yummy lunch at a cute little English pub by a HUGE Catholic church that was housing a wedding (I'm a sucker for weddings). It was so fun to just spend a day with my sweetie with no agenda to speak of ! Here are some shots that I took...that architecture just makes my heart go beep beep!!!

This is the fort.


Here's my cutie at the college...he makes my heart go beep beep too!

And finally us at the seafood festival...thank you wind for helping make this already-poor-quality picture worse. It's hard to take pics of yourself with a BIG camera!
And finally, here is a little tidbit from the other day. The sky and fog were AMAZING outside, so I ran out with my camera and started snapping away...LOVE this!!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend too!!!
Lots of love and wishes for a fabulous week!