Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Not Dead, I Promise!

Can't say the same for my computer, unfortunately. My computer cord took a poop on me this week...yea, the same week I had a massive paper due...great, let me tell you. Anywho, my computer is dead and it takes Best Buy a week to ship a new cord...lovely...I NEED MY TECHNOLOGY! I know, pathetic right??? Actually, I have survived quite well computerless this week considering the load school decided to drop on me. I promised some goodies soon and thankfully, lack of a computer has allowed me some time to work on projects that I've been needing to get done! I hope to have pictures of everything up ASAP!!! So excited for a GLORIOUS-SUNSHINE-FILLED Florida weekend...YAY!!!
As for tonight, I am just ready to eat a calorie laden and monsterously fattening dinner (its been that kind of a week...don't judge me)...and go pick up a roter tiller to start on the garden this weekend! Potatoes and onions...My Favorites!!! (disclaimer: I have no idea how to spell roter tiller...I know my spelling is terrible...sadly, I am often to lazy to spell check)
Have a FABULOUS weekend blog buddies!!! Happy yard saling or whatever else you've got goin'!