Friday, March 26, 2010

Give Me a Quiche and I'll be Your Bow

In case you didn't catch my utterly CORNY title there, its "give me a kiss and I'll be your beau." I know, I've hit an all time low on the titles...don't know where the corny streak came from today! I was just trying to string together two completely unrelated projects. First off for the quiche. I {heart} quiche! I decided to get started on the baking for my shower coming up next month so I won't have so much to do come game day.
Baby Quiche:
{24 baby quiche}
1 Pie Crust
5 Eggs
1/3 Cup Cheese
1/4 Cup Finely Diced Onion
1/4 Cup Sour Cream
1/4 Cup Milk
I used boxed pie crust, but you use whatever suits your fancy. Use something circular {like a cup} to cut your crust. Push those crust circles into your mini baking cups. This does not have to be perfect...i repeat...This does not have to be perfect! Nobody will notice, nobody will care. Beat your eggs with the sour cream, milk, salt, pepper, cheese and onion. Use a fork to prick holes in your crust cups. Pour egg mixture into cups and pop 'em in the oven at 400 degrees for about eight or so minutes {Just watch them and see when they turn slightly brown}. I let mine cool and then froze them in a plastic freezer bag. So much better than the store bought ones because you know you're only gettin' the good stuff and no preservatives! When party time rolls around, just pop them in the oven on a baking sheet for a few minutes until they are warm.
Now for another little baby gift:
Stephanie, DON'T LOOK!
I'll hold your BOWS!
For this little cutie, I took an empty frame and spray painted it white. Then I used a paper towel and some brown paint to age the frame. Go easy on me, I am an aging newbie. I took some polka dot scapbooking paper and added a few coats of mod-podge on top. I aged the paper with a little more brown paint. Finally I stapled ribbon to the back and hot glued ribbon strips to the top and bottom and added some cute bows. (I totally invented these as I went but there are bow tutorials the lady bug).
Hope this gives you guys a little spring inspiration!
Happy Crafting (Weekend!)
Love ya!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Fun!

I have honestly had this project done for days but my computer is SOOOO SSLLLOOOWWW that I just couldn't bear to upload all the photos in one sitting! This is a ready-to-fill scrapbook for my friend's baby shower coming up in April. The baby is due in June, so I made two pages for each month for one year. Anyway, all you scrapbookers out there, go easy on me because I am new to the art of scrapbooking. I think it turned out really well and it will be easy to fill in with pictures and memories throughout the first year. Stephanie, if you are reading this, STOP NOW!
Finally, I apologise for the poor quality pictures! I couldn't wait until it stopped raining and the pictures turned out darker than I thought.
Bringing home Baby


Love the bright colors for August!
This quote was so sweet.

The quote on this page says, "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous."

Baby it's cold outside!
Sugar and Spice and Everyting Nice!

Love from the Easter Bunny

This could be my favorite page!

First Birthday!!!

Hopefully I will get up the patience to upload photos of other baby showery things that I've been working on. It was so nice to finally have some time to work on projects this weekend. We spent some quality time at Lowes looking at options for flooring...we are thinking of...get this...staining the floor, yep, staining it...a little crazy for us but I'll let you know how it goes. Anybody done this before? I also squeezed in a little bit of time with my sis to watch Taylor Lautner Twilight for a few hours. Yay Twilight 2 is finally out! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend as well!!!
Happy Monday (night) but still Monday!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Not Dead, I Promise!

Can't say the same for my computer, unfortunately. My computer cord took a poop on me this week...yea, the same week I had a massive paper due...great, let me tell you. Anywho, my computer is dead and it takes Best Buy a week to ship a new cord...lovely...I NEED MY TECHNOLOGY! I know, pathetic right??? Actually, I have survived quite well computerless this week considering the load school decided to drop on me. I promised some goodies soon and thankfully, lack of a computer has allowed me some time to work on projects that I've been needing to get done! I hope to have pictures of everything up ASAP!!! So excited for a GLORIOUS-SUNSHINE-FILLED Florida weekend...YAY!!!
As for tonight, I am just ready to eat a calorie laden and monsterously fattening dinner (its been that kind of a week...don't judge me)...and go pick up a roter tiller to start on the garden this weekend! Potatoes and onions...My Favorites!!! (disclaimer: I have no idea how to spell roter tiller...I know my spelling is terrible...sadly, I am often to lazy to spell check)
Have a FABULOUS weekend blog buddies!!! Happy yard saling or whatever else you've got goin'!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday in St. Augustine

As a tribute to Spring Break (that, unfortunately, Dusty and I did not get to partake in) we took a little day trip over to St. Augustine, FL on Saturday. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL for us (minus the 50mph winds). Dusty is attending Flaggler's sattelite school, so we decided to visit the actual campus and had to get some pics of him by his university. Sorry that most of these pictures are not amazing in quality, I took most of them out of the window of the truck. We had such a fun day just wandering around the downtown shops, walking on the beach, stumbling across a little seafood festival, and doing a little shopping at the outlet mall (*and Hobby Lobby* of course...I'll show you what I got later). We had some yummy lunch at a cute little English pub by a HUGE Catholic church that was housing a wedding (I'm a sucker for weddings). It was so fun to just spend a day with my sweetie with no agenda to speak of ! Here are some shots that I took...that architecture just makes my heart go beep beep!!!

This is the fort.


Here's my cutie at the college...he makes my heart go beep beep too!

And finally us at the seafood festival...thank you wind for helping make this already-poor-quality picture worse. It's hard to take pics of yourself with a BIG camera!
And finally, here is a little tidbit from the other day. The sky and fog were AMAZING outside, so I ran out with my camera and started snapping away...LOVE this!!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend too!!!
Lots of love and wishes for a fabulous week!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March is at the Door

So, this little frame inspired me to get some St. Patty's on the door. Mabe it'll bring the Luck o' the Irish our way!
Here he is dolled up with a little white paint and some cute scrapbook paper and MARCH letters. You can't really tell here, but I used some tea to give the paper an aged look.
Yea, I know, the door is in serious need of windex, just try to look past that. I hung this little guy inside of an old grapevine wreath that I found in the garage. Simple, but I like it...makes me think of (you guessed it) SPRING!!! So excited to see daffodills blooming in the garden, it pays to live in Florida sometimes.
O yea, and don't forget a cute pal to keep you company while you craft! Can't believe he actually sat still long enough for me to take this.

Lovin' having SPRING BREAK this week to catch up on some stuff that needed to get done. Yea, while other spring breakers are in Cozumel and Panama City Beach, I'm just happy to be finally catching up on work, papers, and laundry...the simple life! Also...FINALLY wash my car, yes, Dusty, if you are reading this, it has been like SIX months...mabe more...ooopppsss! By the way, have you ever wondered how it is statistically possible for the majority of bugs that get hit by your car end up on the rearview mirror??? It has the smallest surface area and yet attracts the most insects. I know, really random...just sayin'.

Happy Tuesday Everybody! Hope the weather is nice wherever you are!

Hugs to you,


P.S. : I'm going to you know where (rhymes with Snobby Robby) tomorrow...can't wait to see all the spring decor and crafting goodies!!! It stinks to live somewhere with NO craft stores! Ok, now I'm done...Bye 'till tomorrow!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake...Need I Say More?

Here is an AMAZING RECIPE for your next sweet tooth...Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars. Found this over at Inside BruCrew Life...seriously, go check her out now and take a peek at her DELISH desert recipes! This was SO easy (right up my alley).
Take one roll of store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough (This is the hardest part for me because as soon as that package of cookie dough, half of it magically disappears and goes straight to my you-know-what to try and prevent it from getting into my jeans) *(By the way...random fact of the day...I read somewhere that 36% of Americans claim to have eaten raw cookie dough...that means, if you do math unlike me, 64% don't...say what??? They must have done that survey at a diet clinic!)
I digress. Now cut your cookie dough roll in half and mush one half down into an 8 inch baking dish. Take one block of cream cheese and use a mixer to mix it with one egg and 1/2 cup sugar. Spread cream cheese mix over cookie dough and crumble remaining dough on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes and refrigerate for a few hours before serving (if you can).

Happy Monday Everybody!
Much love to you guys!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bang Bang Shrimp...YUM...YUM

Have you ever tried bang-bang shrimp from the Bonefish Grill??? If not, you are missing out because they are AMAZING! But.... no need to go out tonight because I am giving you the recipe for these little morsels of yumminess. I always wanted to try making these but I was sure that there were a ton of weird ingredients and that it would be really hard. So glad I found the recipe!

You need:

1 lb shrimp (4 people)

1/2-1 tsp. hot sauce (I used Louisiana)

3/4 cup of Mayo

3/4 cup of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Corn Starch
Oil for frying
Green onions (for garnish)
Dredge your de-vained, peeled, and de-tailed shrimp in corn starch and fry until lightly browned. Mix remaining ingredients together and toss the shrimp in. Garnish with chopped green onions and that's it! The recipe I found said to use 1/2 cup mayo and 1/4 cup chili sauce, but it didn't make enough sauce and it tasted too mayonaisey to me, so I changed it up a little.

If you don't try any other recipe of mine, please try this one! It is great as an appetizer or a main dish and it's definately a clean-plater!!!

Have a great day!
Love to you guys,